Ella looked up from her math homework for the hundredth time in an hour. 'uhhhh. I hate physics.' She complained. She just couldn't focus. 'I wish I was in physics now.' She thought absentmindedly. 'WHAT AM I THINKING ?! I hate Physics but… At least I'd have entertainment there. Dylan's in that class. Maybe I could call him for some help with problem number 13.' She push out of her mind the thought, 'you're just calling him cause you like him…' She picked up the phone, happy for an excuse to look away from the worksheet she'd been staring at for 15 minutes. Her heart beat quickly in her chest. She chastised herself, 'It doesn't matter. If it was Margaret I wouldn't be nervous to call her, I do it all the time, why should I be nervous to call Dylan. He's just a friend, like Margaret.' She opened the school address book running her finger down the pages. She dialed the number.

"Hello?" A feminine voice answered the phone.

"Hi. Can I speak to Dylan?" She answered carefully, trying not to betray her nervousness.

"Yes. One moment." She heard faintly a woman yelling, "Dylan. Phone." She took a deep breath.

"Hello?" a deep voice answered.

"Hi. It's Ella. I was wondering if you('would go out with me') have gotten the answer to number 13?"

"Umm. Just a minute. Let me get my math notebook. Ella heard the phone clink on a table. 'Stop thinking those distracting thoughts. You'll sound like a ditz.' The deep, melodic voice startled her out of her thoughts.

"Yeah I did that one."

"I didn't really get that one. Do you think you could describe how you did it?"

"I used the atomic mass…" She stopped understanding what he was saying but he stomach was definitely feeling 'butterfly-filled'. 'Did I just think that? That sounds like something from a sappy romance novel. Okay focus on the problem.'

"…so that's how I did it." He finished.

"Thanks. I think I get it now." She lied.

"no problem."

"See you tomorrow." She answered, waiting to push the 'end' button until she heard a click on the other end.

A little happy scream caught in her thought. 'yay yay yay!' she thought. She picked up the Physics worksheet and started to work on problem 13. 'Homework doesn't seem so bad when hot guys help you with it.' Her happy, fluttery mood continued all evening.

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