If you are used to a weird person, are they norma.?

1/5/05 Wednesday

7.23-my hair is being attacked by the curling iron. I hate my family

9.14- snra Cortes's S

Note to self- get jump rings seed beads

12.03-received t3 mix from Mr. Chi Chi that I have been pinning for. Don't think I did very good on GH quiz. Never leave answers blank when you have time to fix them!

1.55-vocab for band

Pesante- heavy Cresendo- get louder Staccato- separated Rallentando- slow down Atempo- same tempo as before Poco- little Plu Mosso- more motion Molto- much Allegro- fast Rubato- freely Tenato- hold for full value Morendo- die away…. Someone's just put a valve back in and it sounded just like Bree choking on her Skittle when the new fire alarm went off in E1H. 'twas very funny seeing as I now sit behind her. She's a nice person and we actually agree on a lot of stuff but a person choking cuz of a fire drill is just halirious

3.16-Mr. McCaskill's hell hole

Having completed our spur of the moment test. I feel better about it. Only a few minutes before I can put on my pj pants

3.17 –I'm bored

3.18- I'm naming my book bag Maggie. Maggie has decided to be evil today and have her zippers mess up

3.20-Maggie is smarter than me.