If you are used to a weird person, are they normal?

1/6/05 Thursday

9.19-Cortes's class

Somehow, the lady got the idea that making us turn in daily work would help us learn. She still lacks control of the class. I hate wasting paper for her so I'm writing as small as possible. I can fit about three lines of sentences between every two blue lines, that's tripling the writing space! And it'll kill your eyes. Take that tree killer!

9.37-bored out of my mind. I hate Spanish class their stupid videos. It's a free period w/ an obsessive teacher. Assholes always sit in the back of the room. Birds of a feather and all that.

11.09- I hate math

11.12- My binder needs a name so I can insult it too.

11.59- Welp, bombed the math quiz. Maggie's being a bitch. I'm very sad though, I don't want to get rid of her or my binder but both are getting senile. I just read that, god I'm bored, I'm naming school materials and worrying over their well being.

12.04- In my state of boredom I will ask Mr. Chi Chi a question that describes my life

Mr. Chi Chi- if you are used to a weired person, are they normal

Nope, theire lamron

Lamron? Oh my god, that is brilliant!

I am a genus

Mr. Chi Chi has officially solved the question. Now I have to think of another one.

No I will, What did you get on the math quiz I got a 50

Ha! I didn't get the lowest grade! 65

AMANDA B and LEAH got 35!

That makes me feel better. I actually get how to do it… NOW. Why do the geniuses always have slow pick up?

Because we have more important things to do!

AH HA! What do you think about Mr. McCaskill's test?

Simple x3 making it slightly hard

Hmm. I think I did well. Not sure though. You?


1.47- I have first lunch Tues.

Sereno- serene Agitato- agitated Unis.(unison)- all together Dramatico- dramatic Legato- smooth connected Stringendo- speed up Senza Misura- w/o measure

3.03- Mr. McCaskill's hell hole. I was 'working' on our exam review while thinking about lunch. We spent the entire time conversing about how to properly open a bag of Skittles. Well, how I think you should properly open them and the guys think you shoul just open them as fast as possible. After school, I'm buying a bag to show them exactly how to open it. Why must there be 177 exam review questions? Note- aim higher next time Jesus burps while trying to sleep.

AN: I don't own Skittles. As much as I wish I did