I'm one of those people who never get attention, no matter how hard or how much I try. I am involved in all aspects of school life and yet I don't even get acknowledged, but no matter how hard it is I still do it. My commitment is a hundred percent in every thing I do. I get awards and for one night in the whole school year I am acknowledged that is how much attention I receive. The only people who do get attention are the rich and popular, yes I belonged to those rich snotty schools. But I don't pay I received full scholar ship, so I am worthless to the eyes of those who do pay. Until Jake came, he came in my last year it was my very last year to be able to achieve more, I was eighteen and I've nearly got my full licence, I've won countless awards and yet I'm still no body I'm just black on a black wall no one can see me, to them I'm invisible. But to Jack I was a billion times better than any one else on that wall, he was the only other scholar ship student in my year other than me. For that year I felt more alive more happy than I ever had in my life, he supported and care for me when I was down and he celebrated with me when I had my ups I also did the same for him. He was a great student and for once some one else beat me. Jake secured first place in the school as the best academic achiever. We both didn't have any siblings so we took each other as siblings, we were the best of friends for many years he was my best man at my wedding and I was his bride's maid at his wedding. I named him my children's legal guardian if any thing was to happen to my husband or me; he too named me as his children's legal guardian if any thing was to happen to him or his wife. We both agreed on that, little did I know that I was soon to be in charge of both his children as well as my own.

He and his wife were on their fifth wedding anniversary when tragedy struck, they were just having breakfast on a seaside hotel restaurant like dozens of other people, when the first tsunami wave hit. They were swept away instantly and they both drowned, two weeks later their family returned from phuket Thailand where they were swept away; returning with Jake's and his wife's body.


This story is used fictitiously; all names and events are all used in fiction. If I have offended any one please send me a review to tell me how and why I have offended you, I will in effect remove or change the story as soon as possible.

Please help the recent tsunami disaster; my heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones.