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I am from England, but whilst writing this story I had it in mind that it is probably set in an American school. My dialogue was written with an American voice in mind, for example. However, all my spelling is British.

And in case some people haven't got it yet, this is a piece of SLASH fiction. This means there will be two boys liking each other. There will be kissing as well as other stuff in later chapters. If you don't like this idea, please don't read it. Thanks!

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Every Single Way.

"I think you know why I've kept you behind, Mr Masterson," Mrs Hanson said to the blonde boy in front of her.

Val immediately adopted a look of wide-eyed, confused concern. It was something that worked on 99 of all teachers, those in authority, or people who were obviously completely obsessed with ruining his life. Mrs Hanson counted as all three.

"I'm not sure exactly, Mrs Hanson," he said, as innocently as he could. "I think it might have something to do with this week's test, maybe-"

"Your powers of deduction astound me," Mrs Hanson answered sarcastically. She picked up a sheet of paper, brandishing it in his face. "These are the test results. Do you want to guess at what mark you managed to achieve?"

"I'm sure you're about to tell me… why spoil your fun?" Val muttered, the innocent act forgotten.

"11 percent, Mr Masterson. 11 percent! By far the worst score in the class, I hardly need to add. This is simply not good enough, as well you know. And it is not a blip on the radar, either. Can you recall what your score was on the last test?"

Val scowled. "I think it was 18 percent," he said.

"And the one before that?"

"How am I meant to know? It was a long time ago. 20 percent, something like that?"

"Which goes to show that your marks have been getting steadily worse with every passing month! What exactly have you got to say for yourself?"

"It's not my fault, ma'am," Val said hastily. "It's really not. It's just that- erm… there's been so much going on at home." He was struck with a sudden inspiration. "My cousin! Yeah, my cousin Alex came to live with us last year, you know? 'Cos his dad went crazy, and he's still in the loony bin. Well, he was kind of getting a bit better but then a couple of weeks ago we heard he had a relapse." Val adopted a look of concern. "It's been really hard on all of us. I guess my mind has been on that."

Mrs Hanson looked distinctly unimpressed. "Alex's situation is most unfortunate. But I notice that his grades haven't been slipping recently- they're as good as ever. Unlike yours, Mr Masterson. I would hate to think that you were unjustly using your uncle's condition as an excuse."

Val scowled again. Trust Alex to be the perfect little suck-up. "You should keep an eye on Alex, then," he said harshly. "That's exactly how his dad went. All happy one day, and then poof! Breakdown of the century." He laughed.

Mrs Hanson's eyes flashed. "Mr Masterson! How can you talk about a fellow pupil that way, let alone your own cousin! You should be ashamed of yourself. I've a good mind to call your father…"

"Go one then- call my father!" Val interrupted. "I'll just tell him you're making it up. Who do you think he'll believe? And anyway, do you know how much money my grandfather gives to this school? Do you think that the principal is going to risk all that just because of a few test scores and one insignificant teacher mouthing off? Please."

"Don't think your arrogant prima donna act cuts any mustard with me, Mr Masterson!" Mrs Hanson hissed. "I've had it up to here with you! As you so obviously have a problem learning anything from me, I've decided to assign you a tutor."

"A tutor!" Val screeched. "You can't do that!"

"I can and I have," Mrs Hanson said, nostrils flaring. "And if your grades have not begun to improve in one month, we'll be taking this up with the principal."

"I'll be taking it up with him right now! I've got better things to do with my time than listen to some stupid nerd whine on about which King did that, and what person died there…"

"Not another word," Mrs Hanson snapped. "I've decided that Adam Evans will tutor you. Perhaps he'll be able to sort you out!"

Val immediately broke off his tirade, looking, for once, interested. "Wait a minute- Adam Evans? From Grade 12? I didn't know he did tutoring."

"I really ought to apologise to him for being saddled with you," Mrs Hanson sniffed. "But he's one of the best, and that's certainly what you need. I trust it's not a problem?" she added sarcastically.

"Nope," Val said, a wicked smirk appearing on his face. "Not a problem at all."

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