Elric sat at his desk reading over the files his secretary had just given him on Sabriel Kaplan. She had an almost completely clean record. Only one speeding tickets stained her shadow. He set his glasses down and rubbed his temples. He was getting another headache. He reached over to his phone, which also acted as an intercom and pushed his secretary's button. A small buzz was heard on the other side of the door, where her desk was.

"Sir?" a young female voice said.

"Nicole, get me a water and some Tylenol."

"Another headache, sir?"


"I'll be right there."

"Thanks Nicole." He released the button and picked his glasses up, placing them back on his face so he could read the papers before him. After a moment there was a quaint knock on his office door. "Yeah?" A woman, in about her late twenties, with a short skirt and long red hair came into his office with a bottle of water and a small container of pain reliever. She placed the things on his desk, bowed politely and left the room, being very careful that the door didn't make even the smallest sound as she closed it. Elric sighed. Even his secretary was afraid of him, yeah she was polite about it, but he could sense her fear from the other room. He took two Tylenol from the bottle and took a big swig of the water, swallowing both. He sighed again and looked down at his messy desk. A picture of Sabriel was the first thing his eyes focused on. He remembered the happenings from earlier. She wasn't the least bit afraid of him, which made him wonder. It was nice that someone wasn't afraid of him, but the fact that she was the only one was suspicious. He was startled from his thoughts when his cell phone rang. 'I gotta change that ring tone! Jeez, I almost had a heart attack!' He flicked the phone open and pushed the button with the green phone that was off its hook then put the phone to his ear.

"Turner here, what do you need?"

"Hey there, sir!" Elric sighed.

"What do you want Lundstrum?"

"I just wanted to tell you that we've just received an anonymous lead."

"What about?" Elric asked frustrated with his underling for being so indirect.

"Some is planning on stealing the Sagasu No Tama."

"... Lundstrum, I'm not in the mood for your jokes or prank calls."

"But sir! It's not a joke! Honest!" Now Elric was angry. Sam Lundstrum just didn't know when to draw the line.

"Why would someone try to steal the Sagasu!? It's the most heavily guarded artifact in the Museum! It has tighter security than the Declaration of Independence! Answer my question and I'll believe you."

"Turner... sir. It's the same woman that tipped us about the bank last month."


"You remember the last time I told you about a tip that came from a woman? I kept saying all that crap, like: it sounded like she had black hair, and maybe violet eyes... Do you remember that?"


"Well, it was the same voice; you remember what happened when you said that it must've been a prank because 'no one would be stupid enough to try something so suicidal'?"

"It was robbed," Elric said more calmly. He remembered that quite well. He'd received a large amount of punishment for ignoring the lead.

"Exactly, so... I thought I should warn you."

"Fine, I'll deal with it!" Before he hung up the phone he heard the poor man whimper slightly. Elric sighed as he ran a hand through his hair. It wasn't his fault that the man always decided to bother him on his worst days.

Sabriel sat at a table in a cafe a block away from her college. She was sitting at a table by the bathroom, right next to the aisle that led to the doors. She had papers spread out across the table and she ate slowly as she looked over each parchment. One particular paper caught her attention and she stared at it with a frustrated glance. She heard the hostess speak in her monotone voice.

"Welcome! How many... okay... Smoking or non... okay... right this way." Sabriel glanced at her watch. 12:46, it was almost time. She hurriedly piled all her papers up and stuck them in her briefcase before sticking it under her chair. "Welcome! How many... ooookkkaaaaayyyy," the hostess said rather rudely as someone walked past her and towards the back of the cafe. The person had on a dark trench coat tied tightly around their slim body. They took a seat at Sabriel's table.

"You are Wana, are you not?" The man said.

"I am," Sabriel answered. She took a bite from her sandwich and chewed it calmly. "You are Konnan?"

"I am."

"Would you like a sandwich? I ordered too many." Konnan chuckled but reached across the table and took one.

"I was warned that you were too nice. That doesn't affect your work does it?" Sabriel glared slightly at the man.

"If it did, would I be standing... sitting before you now?" Konnan chuckled again and shook his head.

"No, I suppose not."

"Let's get down to business. I have an appointment in a few minutes," Sabriel demanded coolly. Konnan grinned and pulled a manila file from his coat.

"I want it by Saturday. Sit on the bench by the north entrance to the park. One of my men will be there to pi-"

"You will be there to pick it up," Sabriel said in a demanding tone that left no room for arguing. "I won't have any 3rd parties. Understand?" she asked darkly. Konnan gulped and nodded. "Good. I'll be wearing a tan coat with a red scarf and a side pony tail. Got that? Saturday at 2pm. No earlier and no later. If you're late, I will take it for my own uses. I could use the money. Speaking of which, how much?"

"100G's." Sabriel held a pleased expression. That could get her through college, a new apartment.

"Fine. Shake on it?" She held her hand out to Konnan and he had a confused expression. He slowly took her hand and shook it. "You know, I take a hand shake as a sign of respect for each person's part in a deal. If you back-stab me, or betray me in any way, I will hunt you down and I will kill you. No matter how small the matter. That's how it is."

"And what if youbreak the rules of engagement?"

"Listen bud," she said as she leaned towards him, one arm on the table as she did so, "It's my way or the highway. Take it or leave it, right now. You want this thing so bad? Then you're gonna haf'ta trust me." Konnan nodded and stood up, turned and walked calmly out of the cafe. Sabriel finished her sandwich, paid, and then walked out as well. She looked for the man, he went south. She looked around for any on coming cars, and then crossed the street, heading north. She came across a payphone and dug in her pockets for a quarter. She found the one given to her this morning at the coffee shop and inserted it into the slot. She pushed seven numbers and waited for someone to answer, jumping up and down to keep warm.

"Indianapolis Police Department, how may I help you?" a bored voice asked.

"I have a lead on an up-coming robbery."