AN: This is the result of a dream I had that was much like what happens in the poem…of course my dream didn't really rhyme like this does. But I hope you enjoy it. Review please!

The Tears of the Angel

Once upon a midnight clear, amidst a cloudless sky

An angel appeared before me, and then proceeded to cry

The thought of why I was outside had scarcely entered my head

For there were more important things, than to be asleep in bed.

I watched, wide-eyed, as the angel cried, hovering helplessly,

And soon his tired wings gave out and he landed close to me,

I stood and pitied the creature of the sky, not knowing what to do,

Until finally I went and knelt at his side, as if I suddenly knew.

I reached out and touched the angel's shoulder quite comfortingly,

And did not have to say a word, for the angel looked up at me.

His eyes were clear and his tears were bright as he looked hopefully,

Into my eyes, and in a breath of surprise, I saw all that he did see.

People in pain, children so hungry and shivering were in his eyes,

And how so many act blissfully blind, and think of it all as lies.

I understood then, that his sadness was because the world's arrogance,

And I was the one who his trust was now in to stop the world's ignorance.

I set my mouth in a settling smile, and wiped the angel's tears,

Thinking already of how I was going to stop the angel's fears,

He kissed my forehead and without a word he smiled and flew into the night,

No more will the world be tolerant, for I will show them wrong from right.

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