R.I.P...may you rest in pain

(A self portrait)

Lay murdered in your gravestone,

of the anguish that devoured your skin,

the cuts start bleeding, how could this be real?

Annihilate the suffering found everyday in your life...

Suffocated, sleeping in a coffin of blood,

your cuts are bleeding,

bleed forth the agony, may you rest in pain.

Lying there bleeding;

morbid and dead, were you ever living?

All you did was hide, and cut, and lie.

You deserve to die!

As your cuts still bleed, may you rest in pain.

You knew nothing, you loved nothing, you cared only for tears. Trapped in your misery, ripping your skin,

cuts still bleeding, may you rest in pain.

Running in darkness, nothing is worth it.

Blackness, emptiness, tears and blood,

caused by the blade, held in your hand...

you knew no one would understand.

Blade to your skin, dead and dying within,

you caused them to bleed, may you rest in pain.

Lying in your loneliness, your suffering bleeding out,

pale skin bleached crimson,

only then were you satisfied?

There's no life in your eyes, there never was!

You pushed everyone away,

they only wanted to help!

They tried to stop your bleeding, may you rest in pain.

You murdered yourself, the intimate suicide,

your corpse-like features now endless.

No one cares!

You didn't want them to!

You forced them to ignore you, only you wanted the agony.

Your cuts anomalously bleeding, may you rest in pain.

Gravestone after gravestone, your darkness within...

your just another cadaver, another dead body in the ground.

Those black roses that decorated your face have withered;

them and your soul are one.

Cuts stop bleeding, are you finally done healing?

R.I.P...may you rest in pain...