Turning Heads

by BoarderKC

She suspected he perpetually smelled like smoke. With a cigarette constantly burning from his lips, smoke wafted around him in swirls and he probably smelled of burning and smoke. It fit the look. Black leather jacket, sunglasses at all times of day, but especially night, and then his cloud of dark wafting smoke. He was dark and dangerous and he was always surrounded by girls.

She saw him at the concerts. I saw him through the smoke and sweat and through the girls he encircled himself with. They fawned and reached, but he moved from their grasping hands with hidden eyes and a bad boy smile. The cigarette moved up and down in his lips as he spoke to the girls and readjusted his jacket. His band mates had gotten them a table at the back of the club, laden with drinks and ashtrays and they laughed and chuckled as Viktor took his seat with them. The girls just surrounded the table.

She watched him, hoping to catch his wandering eye, but his sunglasses kept her from seeing them. The drink in her hand remained untouched. She hated alcohol, but at least it gave off the impression that she was drinking something.

"Hey Lain, I'm bored. The band's done playing and the DJ is a piece of shit. Let's go." Eric was whining.

"Then go, I'm gonna hang out here," she replied, settling further into her chair. It was a big, comfy chair that nearly ate her up, she was so small in it. Her chest was hurting from the smoke, but she wasn't ready yet. She was still attempting to screw up her courage. Eric groaned. He didn't want to leave her, not in this club, not as a poor, defenseless girl. Idiot.

"He's not going to notice you. Rumor is he's gay. And he never dates the fan girls, or boys, from his shows. He likes STD filled whores he can pick up off corners or in alleys behind male strip bars."

"You're such an ass."

"Hey girlie." With a roll of her eyes she looked up to a goateed, dark skinned man with half inch gauged ears. She stared at him waiting, this was what she needed to end her night, another idiot wanting a good ride for the night. "Hey, I'm a friend of Viktor's." Eric choked on his drink and she froze in my seat. "We're about to go join him at a party, you want to join us for a drink or something?" There were two other girls with him, short skirted and blond. They looked at her in disgust, like she was just more competition. They took to whispering between each other immediately.

Eric sat up in his seat and turned wide eyes on Lain. He was easy enough to read, he didn't want her to go. He didn't trust any of the assholes that hung around the club, but most of all, the asshole musicians. She didn't care. "Sure," she replied, setting down the drink and standing. Eric stood and the guy glanced at him.

"Just you. Your friend's gonna have to scram."

She looked at Eric with pleading eyes and he glared at her. "Fine bitch. Just call me after you get raped so I can rub it in." He left without another word and the guy laughed.

"Well he was a pleasant guy." He turned to her. "I'm Harrison, come on." He led the way past the table that Viktor and his mates had gathered at that now sat empty, littered with empty glasses and bottles. "What's your name?"


He pushed through a door that read employees only and they entered a hall of dressing rooms. Dimly lit and narrow, the hall was filled with noisy and rushing people, jostling past her and Harrison and the blond bimbos. He directed us toward a propped open doorway at the end of the hall. Music thundered from inside it, and she could feel her heart pound to match the beat in her chest.

She saw him immediately through the haze. He was gorgeous and he knew it. Black leather pants, tight black shirt and the black sunglasses that hid most of his face. He was like a dark god. And he was just as unapproachable as one. His band mates surrounded him and she couldn't steel herself enough to approach him.

i God, I'm shitless. /i

The girls beside her gave an ear splitting giggle and she cringed. "Welcome to the party girls. Have some fun. Find someone to go home with tonight." The girls giggled again and left. Harrison lit a cigarette and she resisted a cough that started up in her throat like a tickle. "Hey Lain, you want one?" She shook my head. "How about a drink?"

For her nerves sake, "Sure, that would be great." She followed him to a table on the other side of the room. Cigarettes stench changed to the smell of pot as they reached the table littered with drinks and glasses. The back of her throat stung a little more and she coughed into her hands. He poured her something and held it out and just as she reached for it, the drink disappeared from her grasp.

"I don't think so."

"Fuck," Harrison snapped under his breath and she looked to the owner of the voice with my drink in her hand with confusion. "Shit, Eve, go away."

The girl held out an olive skinned hand and Lain took it in bewilderment. "Hi, I'm Eve and your new here. This asshole is Harrison. Never take a drink from him. You won't remember the rest of the night, I guarantee it." Lain snapped her hand away from the new girl and turn wide eyed on the other man. "What's your name?"

It took a minute to regain her voice. "L-" Her mouth tasted like smoke and her chest ached a little more as she sputtered out her name. "Lain."

"Eve," Harrison started, looking pissed. His green eyes narrowed at her when she just turned back to him laughing.

"Harrison, give it up. You've lost this one. She's mine." She wrapped one long arm around Lain's waist.

Harrison raised an eyebrow and the ring in it glinted in the dim light. "Fuck Eve. You're such a bitch." He stalked off, disappearing into the smog of the room.

Eve pulled her hand off her hip and turned back to face Lain. Her brain finally seemed to start functioning once again. "Uh, thanks." She coughed and hid her mouth behind her hand. Her head was staring to spin from the smoke.

"No problem. You really gotta be careful with some of the dickwads around here. Well, I'd be careful of some of the girls here too," she added with a mischievous grin. Lain stayed straight face, unsure how to react to that. "Listen, just don't take any drink from anyone. Get your own, alright." She nodded. "You'll stay a virgin longer that way."

"What makes you think I'm still a virgin?" Lain snapped before her brain could shut down her mouth.

Eve rolled bright green eyes and turned a raised eyebrow to her. "Well, are you?"

"I don't think its any of your business," she barked indignantly.

Eve laughed and held out a new glass, but Lain didn't move to take it. "You're safe, don't worry." She laughed and she did too with some hesitance. "Did Harrison pick you up from inside the club?" She nodded and took a small sip. The drink was bitter and she spit it back out into the cup. Eve didn't seem to notice. "I know you. You're always at the shows. I don't think I've ever seen one without you in the crowd." Her face warmed up. "Oh, I get it. Its Viktor, right?" She didn't say anything, just held her drink to her mouth. "Listen baby, no one gets noticed by Viktor, unless you're some sort of skank with huge knockers. You are a very beautiful girl, but you don't apply to that description." She coughed into the glass of backwashed alcohol and Eve laughed. "Do you want Viktor?"

"Yeah," she coughed out.

Eve gave her the once over. "Turn around." She paused, before turning in a circle. "Well you're not going to get him." Her heart dropped. "Well, not dressed like that, sweetie." Eve shook her head. "Go home, baby girl."

"Excuse me, who the hell are you? Sabotaging the new kid so you have a shot?!" she demanded, rubbing her temple. Her head was throbbing and the smoke was just getting deeper.

Eve just laughed and she could see her pierced tongue. "Honey, I'm Viktor's lesbian best friend. No attraction whatsoever." She took another drink and held it in her mouth as she gave Lain one last look over. "But I do know what he wants. You could be what he wants."

"And how can I do that?" Lain spat venomously. Eve's condescendence was staring to wear on her short nerves.

"Look around you," Eve gestured around. Lain did as she was told and looked around. The girls seemed to all follow the same cookie cutter mold. Blond bombshells with overflowing busts and less clothes then they truly needed. Lain's heart dropped further in her chest, Eve had a point. "You have potential."

"And I do this how?"

"With me." Eve grinned. "Gimme your number. Viktor's having a party tomorrow night. I'll give you a call tomorrow and I'll fix you up." Eve grabbed her hips, "And with my influence Viktor won't be able to resist you."

Lain stepped back, out of Eve's grasp with furrowed eyebrows. "I-um…I don't even know you. Why do you want to help me?"

Eve grinned again and didn't answer for a minute. Her eyes softened slightly. "I'm a softie. I like charity cases, and Viktor loves new faces." Lain frowned. "So go home before you hurt yourself." Lain opened her mouth to protest but a cough was the only thing to echo out. "What's going on with you?"

"Nothing," Lain shook her swimming head. "Yeah, I think I'll go."

"Here." Eve pulled a pen from her pocket and held it out her palm. With shaking hands Lain jotted down her number.

"Well…I guess I'll talk to you tomorrow."

"Yeah, I'll give you a call around six."

"Alright. Well…later." Lain quickly turned and exited through the smoky room. Eve watched her go with a wicked grin.

"Hey Evey." The thin punker chink glanced up to see Harrison making his way back over to her. "What the hell was that? I've never seen you have a problem with me slipping something to a girl." He took a long puff on his cigarette then exhaled it out over his head in rings. "She wasn't anything special."

Eve shrugged. "No, but she was cute." She grabbed the cigarette from between Harrison's thin lips and inhaled deeply. "She's never gonna catch Viktor's eye."

He lit up another cigarette. "Which I'm sure you feel no remorse about."

"Absolutely not."

That's chapter one. This isn't gonna be very long, maybe a few chapters or so. Rating is for language and sexuality. Please review and let me know what you think. I haven't abandoned the other things I'm working on, I'm just having bad writer's block.