Humanity. The dictionary describes it as "Humans considered as a group; the human race." and " The condition or quality of being human."

Current population is a very large number, but I am not going to fill this with incorrect facts, and since I cannot find a reliable source for the current pop., I will not list it. I will say this however. Humanity disgusts me. I truly cannot stand but a few members of the race I was born into. We kill everything around us, including each other. Some have described humanity as a plague. I agree.

However, as I was thinking this over, I hit upon an interesting thought. We are more like a cancer. Creationists will not understand what I am about to say, and to avoid you flaming me, leave. Now. Thank you. Back to the topic at hand. Most cancers are caused by a mutation in one gene, in one cell. This cell divides, spreading its error. Eventually, they're are too many "Broken" cells, and we get sick. This is how it is for our bodies. Now picture the Earth itself as a body. A living breathing organism. It's not too hard if you think about it. Think of each different species as a type a cell. Each has its own job around the "body" that it must fulfill. Our ancestors at some point, hit on a mutation. The "error" in a cell that led to us.

This is not unlike what happens in a cancerous cell. Now, we have established that we (cancer/humans) come about in similar ways. Now think about human actions through history. Time and time again, we have damaged our the Earth, we have sickened our body. Oil spills, wars, deforestation, wholesale slaughter of our "brother" cells (flora and fuana), because they are "in the way", or inconvenient. And over time, the Cancer has spread. Go by the words of Bible, and we started out as two people. Two cells that have since divided many n-fold times.

There is a difference between humanity and cancer however. I don't believe humanity is completely mindless, completely blind to the this cancer. These make what differences they can, but with so few, it is an impossible task, and the cancer continues to kill off more of the host. There are just too many people who don't care. There are those who will go out and kill some of the most majestic creatures on this planet, just for the thrill of going out with a weapon and shooting something. So they can go home and prove how they are "Mighty Hunters", and whatnot. Let us see how mighty these hunters are with nothing but a knife to hunt with? A small knife at that. No guns. No camouflage , no scent masks, nothing. Just a knife.

-sigh- I apologize if I may have offended anyone with this. Its started as just a rant brought on by incredibly stupid people who should be put to sleep, but the more I wrote, the more I could feel my Goddess wanting this written. Now it is done, I feel much better, just drained, but I still do not like humanity, and I am ashamed to be of this pitiful and weak race. But, this is what I was born as, and this is what I will most likely die as, so I will take care of those whom I love, and try to hold back the tears as Gaea dies her slow death.

Good night all. I hope I have given you something to think about.