Summery: What if what you dreamed was someone elses reality? What if you were that someone elses reality?

Dreamed to Reality Working title
By Katie Eickhoff(Hotaru-chan)

Disclaimer: None, original story. Every character is mine. Written in Notepad, real formating will be done with the completed story.
Classify This!: Action/Drama
Background: Based on a theory that I really held when I was 7. "What if we were just someone elses dream? And what if they were our dream.

This is part 1 of, who knows. As it is said, a story will write itself, and no length is predetermined. I don't really like the title so any suggestions are appreciated for the completed version. Reviews are adored and loved and VERY welcomed. I'll even try to respond to each of the constructive ones.

Full authors notes will be at the end of each chapter.

-Dreamed to Reality-

Hanal feel asleep late in the palace, but she was glad when she did, for the dreams would come. Ever since she could remember the dreams had filled her nights.

"Good morning, good morning, good morning..." the alarm clock chanted.
I do not want to wake up i do not want to wake up I do not want to w...

"GOOD MORNING!" a very loud very annoying but very cute voice said to the mostly asleep figure as a small body jumped on top of her. 'Oh damn, why is she here, doesn't she ever sleep?. ' she thought

'Oh yeah. The little runt is my sister, trying to worm her way into my bed.'

"Out scum." The older girl growled. Sisters are such a pain, espcially little ones.
"Ahh but Jenna, it's a school day! You have to get up." the little runt said.

oh yeah. School. Damn. I pull the covers off of me to get my sister off my bed.

"Nina. Out. I gotta get dressed." she squirmed off the bed.
"And don't forget to brush your hair!"
"Shut up!" I said, running a brush through my hair a few times then braiding it loosely.
"Is something bugging you big sister?" was the sugary sweet reply

*Somethings bugging you isn't it?*
Hanal woke up sharply, needing a drink of water. She gathered her nightgowns together in a futile attempt to keep warm as she traveled down the steps to get a drink.

"Oh Mistress Hanal! You shouldn't have come down here. What do you need?" A young servant with dirty red hair and ashened eyes exclaimed as she sat on the floor.
"Don't worry, I won't die, Siter. I just wanted to get a drink of water without bothering anyone."
"It's not a problem! It's my job!" The girl, who couldn't have been more than eight scrambled to her feet and ran to the kitchens, and returned with a tall glass of water. "There you are Mistress Hanal. And don't worry, I'll get the glass later. If you need anything else, just pull the bell. I'll hear it, Mistress."

Hanal sighed, "Thank you Siter." and she took the glass from the little girl, and walked back to her room

Jenna! I told you wake up!
Jenna jumped up. 'How did I fall back asleep?' she thought, staring back into the mirror. She touched the reflection, positive that the girl in her dreams was gonna jump back out.

"Why do I dream of a girl in the past. Others dream of the future, or really weird dreams. It's almost like I'm living out her life in my dream." Jenna finished getting dressed, and ran out, not stopping for breakfast. She was going to be late to school already, if she didn't pass the speed limit.

She made it to the parking lot just in time for the bell to ring. Growling to herself, she ran to the entrance as it began to pour. 'This just isn't my day.' she thought as she stumbled through the halls and into her math class soaking wet. Everyone turned to look at her.

Jenna's obsidian hair was flat against her face, and dripping from her braid. a puddle began to form as she informed the class that it was raining outside. The teacher, an old man, tired of teaching the teenagers, just sighed and told her to sit down.

It wasn't long before the lesson on polynomials bored her to sleep.

*"Mistress Hanal, it's time to wake up."*
The startled teenager woke up to Siter tugging her blankets off. "It's time for lessons. I'm supposed to help you get dressed, Mistress."
"Don't you ever sleep, Siter?"
The girl giggled, "Of course, Mistress, but I don't need that much sleep." Siter had been washed it seemed. Her red hair was still pulled back in a braid as usual. 'Just like the girl in the dream.' Hanal smiled to herself.

Hanal shook her head gently, "I must tell father to let you servants sleep a bit more."

"No. I don't like to sleep. My dreams disturb me." The girl's face fell and became small.

"Why not?"

a beat.

"The person in my dreams scares me." she said quietly, "He kills people. And he does it every day. Everytime I sleep. I don't want to sleep, Mistress Hanal."

"I understand." Hanal looked down. "Who else has dreams like these?"
"You're the first person I've talked to about it." Siter yawned and her eyes shuttered, unexpectedly falling asleep.

"The entire city is under alert as the latest serial killer is yet to be identified. His only clue he leaves behind is a single playing card, from the suit of diamonds."
In a dark apartment, a young man giggles at the blood on his fingers.

Authors Notes: I like this story, but I might have to put it aside for a little while. The RPG Company I kinda work for finally got us a publisher, so I gotta put on the artist cap, and writers hat and work on that. I'll find time to work on it, however, when I can, because I ADORE the story. But the work has to come first.

Not that I mind. This work is fun. Not like bagging groceries, which is hell.
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