A/N: I wrote this about how my mom always tells me to forget about bad things as if they never happened. I agree with putting things behind me, but forgetting them? Never. This philosophy of hers is really bothering me now, because my grandfather's health is getting really bad, and all she's trying to do for herself is to forget about it. I just think it's wrong to forget about everything. This poem is pretty much just pure emotion, and just me saying what I feel, not so much any sort of attempted poetry. (Written January 17, 2001.)

To Forget

You tell me to forget

But I can't

It's too hard

And I don't want to

To forget doesn't help

It just pushes it all away

That's not dealing

That's not healing

To forget is not forever

It will come back


To haunt you

Why forget a part of you

It's losing some of yourself

How can you lose yourself

It's always there

Don't try to fool yourself

You'll never win

And never try to forget

When you need to remember