Oh Dark Mistress, I don't know what To Do…?

Cold sadness washes over me

In the wake of my wretched tragedy

My heart's love gone no more mine to be

I would have been your eternal Fledgling, your Dark Prince forever

Love beyond life's harsh endeavour

Yet from me your soul now severs

I do not blame you but it hurts my heart

To feel you're once strong love for me depart

I was a fool to think t'would always be like it was right from our start

I'm so sorry, wish I could've been your one

Don't know what to do, how to feel, now your love has gone

No longer no where this heart doth belong

Glad you still want to see me, to hold my heart's hand

Really Dark Mistress, I do understand

Can't force yourself to feel what's no longer in your heart's land

I hope you find the special one you need, you're looking for

You assure me my heart won't always be this sore

Try to salve with affection's love, this spirit's wound so raw

You had my soul, passion, fire and flesh first

I'm sure will come a time, I'll feel by fate, no longer cursed

Like before you saved me, cast adrift in the unfeeling dark void, that destiny was worst

Who wants a spirit of shattered dreams, shadows and dust...?