There's nowhere to look, Harriet stares idly at the colourful posters amid the top of the ceiling, just something to keep away any nasty or surprised looks. She didn't know her true destination. All she knew was that she had to follow this one person. This person would honour her by supplying her with his life, and his blood. The tube rattles down the wormlike tunnel, the stench of children and bubble-gum fly around the compacted area. She lets out a sigh and listens to the loud music of her neighbour.

-Hey, it's not a bad tune I guess, pretty old song, but hey, Evanescence aren't that bad–

Lights flicker overhead, she settles herself down in her seat, concentrates upon the ceiling. The carriage rocks backwards and forwards almost lulling her away from the plan.

Ah, no. Got to keep myself awake-

She props herself up ready to depart the train watching the man on the opposite corner of the carriage. He was black and appeared quite poor, his tattered baggy pants drapes over his legs, and a blue cap which covers old scars that were now healing. Jaque, he was the one Harriet had to feed off tonight, and she was not going to ask for any help from her Maker. She grabs hold of the yellow bar in front of her to steady herself up to get off at Kensington. Jaque also prepares himself in sync with her, grabs hold of his own bundle of things and readies himself for the next stop. A deep growl resides within the back of her mind, it wanted to be free. "Not yet," she whispers to the shadow in her mind. The being, demon, whatever abstract thing it was tries to will itself over her body. "NO!" she screams out loud clutching her stomach. The tube became compartment abruptly hushes itself, the people stare over to her area. She ignores their looks and looks out of the window and watches the stream of railings flash past her. The tube becomes floods with light as they near their next destination, Kensington High Street. "Please, mind the gap. Please, mind the gap" a woman's voice drones out of a random speaker. The doors splices apart with frustrated people on the other side already try to push themselves on board.

Hmm, interesting, haven't been to this part of London. He's trying to get rid of me. I can smell his fear-

Jaque quickly side-steps out of the heap of business cases and bags around the dirty floor, almost trips over his own feet in mid-air and dashes out of the tube. He starts to budge people out of his way, but fails completely in walking through a river of busy people. He sights Harriet with her white ivory complexion and he bolts in the other direction losing himself into the crowd. He falls into another crowd of people as he races as far as possible away from the tube. A few people yell at him, telling him to watch his own way but he ignores them setting his mind towards the terminal exit.

You're not going to get rid of me that easy- anxiety and anger was welling up within her stomach now. She gradually lets down the barriers in her mind allowing the hungry shadow to take possession of her mind and body. Bloodlust was the only thing that reigned in her thoughts now. It would be the only thing that the shadow allows her to do.

She sends a negative energy to part the crowd of human animals around her which creates an empty egg-shell space around her. She smiles and congratulates herself with the new trick, in a silent stalk reaches out and tugs at the hood on Jaque's top. He frantically tries to whip away her hands and pulling hard away from her.

"Get away bitch, I know what you are, and the others will try to find me and hunt you down" Jaque screams at her. Harriet curtly smiles, her red lips reveal the small pristine white teeth. "I don't think so, your friends know of me, yes, but they don't know of my nature. Besides, we were friends once too, or did you forget that from last night?" He sighs, but insistently tries to hit her back. A flashback of last night's party hit him of the girl hanging near the staircase, beckoning him with a silent voice. How beautiful she looked with her black biker trousers and black netted top, her blonde wavy hair cascading down her shoulders. The way her plush pink lips pouted at him, begging him to kiss them, and the unusual glistening emerald eyes. She looked innocent then. Unlike the menacing angel she had become now stalking after his soul.

Last night he couldn't take more than five minutes than to go straight up and embrace those curly blonde locks of hair. He was so naïve then. "Harriet, please don't, please…" he cries out in sheer desperation, he aims a punch at her chest. "Ha! You think I can feel that?"

-Right, I think it's enough of playing with this mouse. It's feeding time Harriet- the shadow laughs at him. It wasn't her that wanted to laugh. It was the shadow.

Neatly, she holds onto his head and cracks his neck; the bones make a sickening click which paralyses him instantly. "I know you can't move, but you can still hear me," silent groans come from his throat. Jaque almost falls onto her but she steadily props him up and takes his arm around her, walks towards the terminal exit to the streets above. She just passes the food counter when a tourist shambles across to the pair, waving his cup of coffee at her.

"Oh dear me, what happened? You need help?" The short Chinese man goes to touch Jaque, but Harriet slaps his hand back, almost knocking back with surprise. "No, no, he's alright, just fainted a few minutes ago, must have been the long journey from the airport", she smiles and fakes a giggle, not wanting to attract any attention. "Oh, right," the man coughs and turns away, shuffling back to the counter, unsure about the information she gave him.

-Pheuff… that was a close one. If I am going to feed on him, I need to be near by a pub or club up there at least. That way, people won't be curious. –

She hoists Jaque's body over her shoulder and carefully ascends to the streets above. She searches with her eyes for one, not seeing one she walks down the street. A drop of water drips onto her snowy cheek. "Oh damn it. Thanks England for the wonderful weather", Harriet says in thick sarcasm. She sighs as the skies begin to tear the long rains that London had become so famed for.