Harry Potter people! I know there's some of you who have me on author alert, so here's a special note for you: This story is slightly Harry Potter-ish, in a Nyx sort of way… at least, for now (except this part). So before just dismissing this, give it a chance (not just with this part… it doesn't get good until the 2nd and 3rd parts). Please!

I've always hated when people post a short prologue that's followed by short installments, so I apologize for being a hypocrite in doing this. But, see, this is a different kind of thing. It's hard to write much at a time on one topic for this. I really like it, so far, though. So then, er, without further ado, here it is.

(I have nothing to disclaim, because it's not a fanfic, just a story.)





A Different Love – Prologue

She sits in the corner, her nose an inch from her notebook, the pencil in her hand moving furiously, and yet, gracefully, across the paper. She is completely engrossed in her writing, with no other care in the world. Except him.

Occasionally, she glances up and across the room at him. He looks perfect to her, with his spiky blonde hair, his olive green eyes, and his big, bright smile. He's surrounded by people, all vying for his attention, and she thinks that it's no wonder why. She wonders if maybe people would act the same way towards her, if only they knew what she's like. No, she answers herself, because she's not perfect. Not like him.

He's surrounded by his friends, and they're all focusing on him, but somehow, he feels like something is missing. He glances to the corner of the room, where she is. He wonders why she sits alone, far away from everyone else. Maybe it's because she's different.

But, he knows, that's what makes her special. She's not like everyone else. He wishes he could be like her, and that he could have the guts to be different like her. He is different, too, but he doesn't let anyone know. If he let anyone know, he wouldn't be perfect.

He and she wish they could be closer, but their differences push them apart… or do they? Could their feelings come to the surface – and survive? Are they meant to be? Or are they too different?