A/N: Guess who the narrator is addressing. She! Of course… it sort of alternates, if you haven't noticed… Hey, this part is longer than the other 5!

A Different Love

Part 5 – Appreciation

You're watching him again, and he doesn't even notice. At least, he doesn't act like it, but maybe he did notice, but didn't want to show it, or just didn't care. You hope he would care if he'd ever notice.

He's leaning forward to take a small, swift tug at the blonde hair of the girl in front of him. You twirl your hair between your fingers and then throw it back, disgusted. If only your hair could be as irresistible as hers. Maybe then he would pay attention to you. But, then again, you're just not one of them.

You watch her turn around to glare at him, and he mockingly glares right back. They just sit there staring each other down, waiting for each other to flinch. What wouldn't you give to look right into those olive eyes and have them look right back at you?

"You're ugly, you know that?" the girl finally said to him, breaking the silence, and then turning back around. You watch him just shrug it off, because he knows she didn't really mean it and was just jesting. Nonetheless, you're so appalled at her comment that it's taking every ounce of strength in you not to let your hands fly at her neck and to cut off her air supply until she admits how gorgeous he really is.

You would never dare to call him ugly, unlike her, because that is one thought that never has and never will meander through your mind. You know he's nothing but perfect, and on the rare occasion that you have a chance, that's exactly how you treat him. Why does he bother with those girls that don't treat him right when there's one who will right in front of him? You would never, ever be like those girls who don't appreciate him, but he doesn't seem to understand that.

Everyone wants to be appreciated, so doesn't he?