Forever friends
That's what we were
So how come I don't know where you are?
And how come you don't care anymore?

Your name is still on my buddy list
I am always signed on but never acknowledged
It's like you don't want to know that I still exist
So here I sit and wait for your one last instant message

All I want is to hear that special ring
The familiar sound of forever friends i/ming
But the computer makes no sound
And I don't feel like I want to try again

How come you don't care anymore?


What did I do to receive this silent treatment?
What was the awful sin that I committed?
I don't know how you can be so indifferent
I guess we're not forever friends

This could've never been long-lasting
Because you are too unfeeling
And I am too infuriated
I guess you just don't care that…


One more instant message