DreamScapes: Whinith (Part 2)

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Whinith feel asleep rather suddenly, her body not use to the quiet and taking it as a chance to relax. It was the first time she could ever remember in a long time, that the images having become so quiet. At times the images would fade and be calm, but she knew they would roar back up all of the sudden, and when the images did returned they would be more dangerous than before.

Whinith awoke not sure where she was. For a moment she thought she might be back in the medical wards. Her parents had sent her there several times in the middle of the night, when her dreams where flooded with images. Whinith didn't want to do damage to others but she had done so in the past, that is why she had to get her powers under control.

When Whinith was given the option of going to the high school for training she jumped at it. Her parents were all to happy to get rid of her, their freak little daughter, with her nightmares. Whinith knew her parents hated her, and even more they where scared of her. They couldn't keep things from her with her power, no one could. But she didn't want to be special, she wanted to be normal. Who wouldn't want to be called sain verses insane.

"Meranda?" questions Whinith as she sat up in her bed.

"I'm here Whinith." Meranda's dark shadow moved around the room getting ready for school. "I didn't want to wake you. But now that you're up, I don't have to stumble around in the dark. Lights."

With Meranda's command the room filled with light, and Whinith found herself blinking against the brightness. She was still dressed in her clothes from the day before but it looked like Meranda had removed her shoes and tucked her in. "Thank you again."

"Hey, no problem kid." said Meranda as moved over and sat next to her.

"My friends call me Wind." She explained.

"Okay then Wind." She hugged Whinith with one arm as a team mate might do. "You know what, I've decided I'm going to watch over you. And you know what else? -you'll never have a better guarding angel."

"Why is that?" questioned Whinith. She felt like she should push away Meranda. However there was only quiet whispers of images from Meranda. To long Whinith had lived alone, and to long afraid of everything and everyone. Maybe this was a new start for her, the school was really showing some promise.

"Because I always know what you're going to do wrong before you even do it." Meranda smiled and jumped off the bed as she said so. Whinith couldn't help but smile herself. Meranda just had a nice personality even if she had some odd quirks. Meranda looked around the room, finding what she was looking for she tossed it to Whinith. It was one of Whinith's bags that had been laying just where she had left them the day before. "You better get dressed."

Whinith rolled her eyes, and crawls out of bed taking the bag with her into the dressing room with a yawn. Noticing that Meranda was already dressed for school today. Unsure of the time, Whinith showered and changed quickly. The school really didn't give you time to get adjusted to things, but then she had also had a long space flight to this planet and the school, she is lucky she made it to the school at all..

Returning to the main room, Meranda was waiting for Whinith. Well sort of, Meranda was actually sitting at her desk putting makeup on. "You know I really shouldn't be doing this, but there is a boy Remy in one of my classes, and he is well...a Dreamscaper." Meranda turned around, her green eyes bright, highlighted a bit with some green eye shadowing. Her outfit was a green shirt with a white a green skirt. It was simple makeup to add to her beauty not to cover it up. "You look very nice yourself." Meranda then turned back to the mirror on her desk to put abit of lipstick on. "Just remember Remy's mine." She smiled to show she was joking, however Whinith easily picked up that Meranda really would get upset if someone else had this boy Remy. Seem Meranda had already waited for some time for him to finish up his last relationship, and now she seemed ready and willing to be there for him.

Whinith smiled and looked over her outfit for today. Dressed in a pair of soft brown pants and brown vest with a white shirt, she loved the feel of the pants, made out of a synthetic suade material. Her shoes where hard leather boots and she pulled her brown hair back with abit of string in a long braid. Where Meranda's hair was dark brown and curly, Whinith's was long stringy and stright, but with a lighter color, containing even some gray strands. She was far to young for gray hair but the images caused her a lot of stress and she was growing old and tired before everyone's eyes. That's another one of the reasons her family sent her away. They didn't want to watch her die, even though they hoped she would.

Whinith lowered her blue eyes to the floor and shrugged, before Meranda grabbed her hand and about ran out of the room. They hurried to who-knew-were, and Whinith followed, or got dragged behind Meranda. They where in a crowded lift as they all went down to the main floor and moved in as a mob into the meal room.

Several of the boys gathered around Meranda, and so were gathering around Whinith as well. Whinith felt the images roaring up and pushing against her shields, ready to break them down, and she shrank next to Meranda, hoping she would be able to protect her, or at least help her to protect herself. Meranda knew what was happening and extended her mental shields around Whinith, this quieted the noise down to a low roar, but she was use to that. "Hey back up boys, you're scaring Wind here."

"This is Wind. Or Whinith. She's a new student." The boys had backed up a bit, but realizing that it was a new girl they moved in closer. "Hey!" Meranda stared at them. "I said stand back." The boys quietly obeyed, stepping back a few feet. Meranda defently had a strong prescence and self adsuredness.

Whinith still got a few images of curiosity, and some she knew were just typical boy fantasies. She had learned quickly as her powers awoke, what men's fantasies were. She had grown up far too quickly for everyone, and so she was a child, scared and alone. "Meranda? Can we get some breakfast?" Meranda nodded in such a way that it told the boys she would talk to them later. "Can we sit some place away from everyone?" asked Whinith a little to hopeful as they got their trays. What with the number of people in the room, and how many Meranda seemed to know, and how many of them wanted to talk to Meranda and to meet the new girl. The images where no longer as quiet as they had been, raising to a normal nosy level. Without the shielding of Meranda's and her own the images would have easily been to much. However Wind was still not use to all the people.

"Well that's rather hard in here." Meranda looked around the room. "But come on." They made their way through the room and sat at a table near the back of the room. It was a bit in a corner with people still around it but only on two sides instead of three or four. "This is the best we can do. Tomorrow I'll bring your breakfast up to the room." explained Meranda.

Whinith nodded, and turned her attention to the food, letting her concentration fall upon eating, blocking out the constant background noise and images in her mind, for at least a short time. Meranda seemed to have forgotten about Wind's problem, and so she talked about the boys they just met and the classes they were in. Wind was to busy holding onto her sanity to listen to what Meranda had to say. She just nodded occasionally as she talked.

Whinith waved goodbye to Meranda, after breakfast. Meranda walked down the paths to the classroom buildings, while Whinith turned and head over towards the medical building. She was given a class schedule but with that was a note that she must first go to the medical building. Some sort of check-up Whinith assumed.

The medical building looked like all the medical centers she had been in before. Good and bad memories filled her mind, and she hated the images in medical centers worse then any other place. The images where usually very strong and painful. Rarely was there memories of happiness in such places. A few memories of relief from a loved one who found the person the brought in would live, but little else. She shivered as she entered the doors of the building, shaking behind her shields as the images pounded against them. She walked up to the counter, her hands starting to shake visibly. Her voice shaking as well, "I'm Win.. Wind... Win... Whinith. I was...told..." Her whole body was going into shock and she could feel her shields collapsing around her. " She slipped slowly to the floor. "...here." Her body was shaking lightly as curled up into a ball, so many images hitting her. The medical attendant raced out from behind the counter to the girl, calling the medics. Whinith was convulsing slightly and her eyes rolled into the back of her head, as she slipped into a coma or trance, who was to know...

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