How could Wind explain what happened inside her head, she barely understood it. So many doctors had asked her the same questions before but they didn't believe what she would say. Miranda knew about shields, maybe she would know what Wind was talking about if she explained. "I walked in and saw images. They were so painful. There was a physical pain to the images I saw. Memories of people's past. All their emotions"
"What did you see that was so painful? I don't think our medical center has dealt with a bunch of death like most centers. Was it broken limbs?" questioned Miranda, standing up and getting a glass of water for Wind.
"It's hard to explain. I saw the doctors implanting chips inside people's heads. Students in extreme amounts of pain." Wind took the glass and drank the offered water.
Miranda nodded, "I was afraid of that. What you saw was true. The school implants chips into all the students who go here. It's so they can be controlled later on"
"I don't understand, why would the school want to control us"
"We have powers other people do not have. If they control us, they control those powers. It's greed, simple enough." "But what about you. Do you have the chip?" Wind asked with concern.
Miranda shook her head much to Winith's relief. "Nah, my sister however wasn't so lucky. Remy got me out of there before it happened." "He's the one who saved me"
"Yes, mighty fine telekinesis"
"But you said he was a Dreamscaper." "Yes I did, didn't I." Miranda said. She grabbed a Comm-unit. "Remy, come to Miranda's room when you got a chance." The Comm responded with an affirmative. "He can explain it better then I can. I'll explain what I can." Wind sat back to listen to the story. "The school here isn't the best but about the only place to train metaphysical skills. Remy he's a telekinesis as far as everyone is concerned but infact he's also a dreamscaper. A pretty good one at that. I came to the school to find out what happened to my sister. Remy came to me in my dreams one night. Such is Remy's dreamscaping ability. He warned me about the medical exam and helped me to sneak out of the building when it was my turn." There was a knock at the door and Miranda opened it to let Remy in. "That was fast." she stated.
"I sort of had a feeling." He grinned at her. Wind had to admit that Remy was rather attractive, certainly not her type, mainly because Miranda was interested in him, and she would never steal another woman's man. He then nodded at Wind. "Winith isn't it"
Winith smiled, "Yes." She found she couldn't read him at all. He's shields were strong and held his emotions strongly in check. He's brown eyes, and curly locks gave him a youthful look but some how she had a feeling he was older then he appeared. "Well I'm Remy by the way. Telekinesis and Dreamspeaking are my skills, as Miranda I'm sure told you by now." He grabbed a chair and sat down. "I'm from the Dreamscapes Head Quarters"
Miranda nodded. "I kind wondered about that"
He grinned at her and continued. "I was raised there. I came here to help people. Help them escape the mind control the school wishes to place on everyone"
Winith was a little shocked but then things slowly made sense. The images of the chips being implanted and the severe amounts of pain in return and finally the submission.
"Well you were not planned as being one of the ones I saved, but if I had known that you were a rare talent I would have been there a lot sooner." He smiled at Winith and Miranda had a streak of jealousy come through her shields. Winith politely smiled, realizing that Miranda didn't know that she had let the emotion through.
"I would sneak you out of here, but that's really not a good idea. The school has started to notice the missing students more and more. Rumor has it they have even shot down a few escape ships. I don't want to lie to either of you." he stated looking at Winith and Miranda. "Things are not what you would guess out there in the world. The war is going on, and there appears to be no end in sight. The best thing for you two to do is pretend as if nothing is wrong. There is a field trip planned for two months from now. I'll get Winith on the list and sneak you both out when we have a chance"
Winith listened but still had questions. "I don't understand, there is a war going on? The Maltizian war?" she asked.
"Maltizian? No...It's a dreamscaper's war. Between the School and the Head Quarters. I'm what you would call a spy. I use my dreamscape ability to communicate with my people at the Headquarters." Miranda listened with unwavering devotion. Wind had questions about everything. "Can I help out?" Asked Wind, and Miranda quickly offered her help as well.
"We could always use more help, but we don't like to ask for it. I'll have one of our other spies contact you." He stood up and left the room. "That was surprising." stated Wind.
Miranda was still smiling at the door where Remy had left through. "Huh? Oh yes, yes it was." She sighed a moment then snapped out of her trance. "He didn't tell me all about the war last time. Just the mind control stuff. Kind of spooky"
Winith nodded, and looked out the window in the room where it was almost full dark. "I think I'm going to wander around." she stated. Getting up from bed, brushing her hair and putting on a jacket over her pajamas. Most of her stuff was still packed in suitcases. "I'll worry about the suitcases tomorrow. Don't wait up for me." she stated and left the room.

Outside along the paths of the school, Winith found some peace of mind. She took a deep breath and let the breeze blow away her bad thoughts. Rare talent...that's what she had. Her parents called her a freak and hated her, and even here she was unique. However the way Remy said it 'rare talent', made Winith smile, for he seemed to respect her for it. Of course with his shields he could have simply been afraid of her or jealous. She sighed a bit as she walked, not paying much attention to where she was going. Then the school building was huge and easy to spot at a distance. All the students and teachers lived in the one building. A lot of lights had turned off for the night, however most of the top floor still had their lights on. This was of course where the teachers stayed, so it made sense.
Suddenly Winith's hand was grabbed and she was pulled off the path. A person was next to her, motioning for her to be silent. She considered screaming for just a moment, but then wondered if this could be the contact in the school Remy had mentioned. He motioned for her to follow her, and she did so. They crawled along in the shadows of the bushes and trees. If this was the contact, he had contacted her rather quickly. They made their way inside a large bunch of bushes, that had been cut and shaped to form a sort of secret hidding place. The wall of leaves on the bush made it very dark on the inside. There was then a small flare of light, and she could sense a wall being put up around her and the other person. The person who sat with her was a boy with long blond hair, and almost femine features. Soft pale white skin and pink lips that would make most girls jelous. He's eyes were pale in color but currently just reflected the small fire that was in his hand. "Pyrokinses?" she questioned, amazed at the fire that glowed before her.
"No I'm a dreamspeaker." The boy explained, the voice he used was much deeper then she had expected from such a young and soft looking boy. "Considered rather talent as well, but ofcourse the teachers all think I'm an idiot here, it's safer that way. Your Wind, right?" the boy asked.
She nodded, and strightened out the skirt she was wearing with nervous energy. "Your the contact?" she asked.
"I am, but I have a name, it's Micheal." He moved his hand abit closer to her, "I would shake hands, but that's not a good idea." he explained as his right hand was the one holding the fire. She remarked that it was okay. "