Before Love
I could describe the village but just think of a small village of wood stick houses and normal people in old fashioned clothing gathered around the fire. The fire was central to the village and it was where feast were held. These feast where part of our druid (pagan) background. I would dance for my people, out of enjoyment for myself, but wrapping it into a powerful ritual or prayer for our gods.

I don't remember the day, or the night or season, but I do remember the dance. It was slow and a bit more then graceful. It was a movement of all my pain, to the beating of my heart. I was the high priestess of the village, and the boys feared me. I talked to their gods, and healed their sick. I was beautiful and yet a monster. Then I saw him.

He wasn't one of the men who sat around the fire, or any of the ones who dance now with me (but ofcourse never touched me). It was dark, but I could see his face and eyes out in the bushes of the night. It was the face of a warrior, from a far away lands. He was here to scout ahead for the party that would arrive on the dawn.

I knew his army would come to slauter my people, but I told them nothing of this as I looked and fell in love. I was scared that night as I ran to meet him in the forest. We didn't speak the same language but we both knew all that the other felt, though we did nothing about it. Our eyes told what we wanted of the other. I could not betray my village, and he was on watch duty.

He went away, leaving only a light scent of what he smelled liked on the breeze. I went to sleep only to hear the screams of a mother and child. The pain I knew was of my people dieing by this man's hand. The army was raining down upon us.

Those who begged to live, bowing before the knight where cut down. The men who could fight were cut down and slaughtered. I knew the army would not let my people live. It wasn't enough that they have us, it was to kill us all. They were fresh for the kill, and wanted blood.

I made myself leave my house, and the bed I was willing to lie down on forever in death. I stood before the army my hand holding a bloody sword that I didn't remember picking up. The rest of the village gathered behind me (those still left alive), hoping my Gods would save us.

They where but children and old women and men. The pretty girls where all dead as the men slit their throats as they screamed to much in their pain. All the young girls where died, all but I. I could only stand there and watch the fires burn, the body's letting blood and life slip away.

They came to us. The knights in black armor. Armor of the Romans who would kill my people off, and all I had was one sword infront of me, blood running down off the sword onto my hands. Then I saw him, my love. The blood was there all around him, and I could not love him for the death he brought my people, but I do still. The years could not stop our love.

We where trapped or dead and I had but the sword to deffend my people. I knew I would die, or the man would take me as his own. I would not die for their joy. My life was not worth the blood of a whole town. Whores are much cheapers, and I was not to be one. I threw the sword away, and jumped. The cliff was not far away. They wanted me so bad, they wanted to abuse me, they wanted my death, but my death would have been in vain, and tossed away so easily.

I knew my death would break his heart, and it is said that he died himself soon after. The story says that he looked over the side of the cliff but my body was not there. He then let out a cry as his heart broke, and fell over dead. Two men who where standing next to him as he died, simply picked up his body and threw it over the cliff as well. His body was not seen on the rocks below either. We died, but that is not the end of the story.

Time has passed for us, and the years have flown by. Hundreds of years for both of us, and now we see each other again. I love him as I ever did before. His hair is the same, the eyes abit different, but his soul is the same one I loved so long ago. I hope for a time when we would be together again, as we never had in the past.