No Purpose

Drowning in a vortex

Feel so worthless,

I am nothing

I serve no purpose.

Invisible; I'm running

Stopped by the lies

Screaming into agony

Life drains from my eyes.

I wish I could take my veins

And rip them from my arm

Bleeding from the death inside

From pain that caused me harm...

I walk through my suffering

My heart's cold, I'm breathing

I lost all my empathy

I've lost my love for feeling.

My tears burn the marks,

That are left upon my face

Dripping into the void inside

They fill my empty space.

Anger corrupts my fragile corpse

I make a tragic mistake

Pushed by all who thought they cared

I give, but cannot take.

I laugh at the pain, I hide inside

To insure there's nothing wrong

But my fa├žade is about to crumble,

My happiness won't last long.

Abandoned in the shadows

I go and grab the knife

Another battle now begins,

The battle for my life.

Saved by the hopeless martyr

Who goes back in her world to hide?

She doesn't want to heal the pain

I might as well have died.

I fight for nothing everyday,

I struggle to survive

I shouldn't have to tear my skin,

To know that I'm alive.