The night is fast approaching as the final shades of red

Of a fiery summer sunset turn to grey

And the sailor sighs with sadness, for there's miles still to drift

But without the warmth and brightness of the day

He's been sailing for so long now, but the night still makes him scared

As he fears falling down into the sea

He tells himself he's crazy, but the vision's always there

Drowning in a liquid darkness silently

His worries only worsen as the wind begins to wail

He is sure a summer storm will soon arrive

The impact will be heavy, he'll be broken, he'll be lost

Yes, he panics that he won't come out alive

But instead of rumbling thunder, he can hear now a voice

In the water, there reflects a pool of light

'O sailor, from far distant shores, don't worry, I am here

I will guide you and perhaps allay your fright

You see, I have watched over you since first you sailed at night

I recall your face was shimmering with awe

Why then, are you afraid now, nought has changed since that first trip

All you see you have seen many times before'

The sailor's thoughts regress to treasured memories of the past

And he speaks, ''Tis true I did not used to fear

But I travelled with my father, then, he made me feel safe'

And he sighs, 'But he has long since disappeared

It was night, there was a gale, I was parted from his side

I searched but he was gone when morning came

We'd been sailing over water, and I fear that he's drowned

Though I fear too I shame my father's name

He was brave and I am timid, he was bold and I am weak

He held his head up high while mine droops down'

And with that, the sailor snivels, too distraught to carry on

'Til the voice says, 'It is not your fate to drown

It is not the fate of any such as you to fall and sink

'Til you rest upon the ocean's silent floor

And you need not feel embarrassed, for the fear that you feel

I've encountered by the likes of you before

What I offered all the others, I shall also offer you

That is friendship through the lonesome hours of night

For I know of isolation, and I find that talking helps

I am sure you would forget about your fright'

The sailor now considers all the promise in these words

In his heart, a warming comfort starts to spread

'I only wish I'd met you sooner,' he replies as he accepts

'For your voice removes my panic and my dread'

'My dear new companion, I have more than just a voice

I suggest you turn your head to look to space

I guess you've never done this, that is why we've never met

But do this, and you'll see I have a face'

The sailor slowly turns around until he sees a sight

It's so beautiful it takes his breath away

His face grows pale with wonder as his eyes take in the awe

Of a light that shines though it is still not day

'Are you a jewel of Heaven?' asks the sailor to the light

'For such beauty I have never seen before'

And the smile from the light sends sparkling rays into the sky

'Dear sailor, I'm a lighthouse, nothing more

When the sun melts to the ocean and the veil of night appears

I shall light your path so you have nought to fear

I'm afraid the sun will rise soon, we will have to bid farewell'

'I don't want to now I know that you are here

For the night now seems less scary, it is something I can bear

But I know the words you speak are also true

I shall look for you tomorrow, dear lighthouse, fare thee well

And many thanks, I shall be thinking much of you'

And with that there follows silence, no more conversation sounds

But a different sailor now lets out an 'oh'

For he's heard this whole discussion while it echoed 'round the skies

As he lay upon his boat so far below

He admits he had some ale but that was many hours ago

So he's sure he now observes with sober eyes

As the moon extends to kiss a cloud, which blushes in return

Casting rosy auras across the palish skies

Then he thinks about the journeys which he had to trust to fate

For no light shone down to guide his boat to shore

And he has now an idea, he will build along the coasts

Lamps to light the way for boats forevermore

'But I'll call these lamps a lighthouse in remembrance of this day

When a moon and cloud found friendship in the night

Though if anyone should ask me how I came to be inspired

I daresay I shall be faced with quite a plight!'


AUTHOR'S NOTE: Finally, a poem for 2005! This has taken me ages to write, it was so difficult at times, but I was adamant this would be the first poem I posted here this year. So even though it took a while to get my writing off the ground, I hope to continue writing now (and more regularly too!). After all, for me, this is THE year to write, what with me being free from school and all. I finally have time to devote! Oh, and the idea for this poem came to me back in November last year, when I was down south, near the beach, looking at the sky one night and realising the resemblance a cloud has to a sailor and the moon has to a lighthouse :)