You stand in a locker room staring at the doorway leading to locker room showers. The showers or all running. Suddenly a pale flash goes sliding along the floor past the doorway. You walk through doorway and into showers turning to see what the pale flash was. A nude girl is lying on the floor belly down. Her short blonde hair matted down on her head. She turns over to look up at you. Your cheeks burn with embarrassment when you see how extremely well endowed she is.

"What's cooking home skillet?" She says in a high pitched voice.

"Um nothing." You squeak

The girl stands up completely comfortable with her nudity. She's much shorter than you. No more than 5'2". She shakes her head like a dog splattering water on you. Her short hair hangs in her eyes. She smiles up at you through the wet hair with bright blue eyes.

"Are you gonna stand there and stare or shower?" She asks you.

"Um, uh." You stutter.

She walks past you with a smile. She grabs a towel hanging from the wall and dries her hair off. She doesn't even bother to cover her body but puts her hair up in the towel. What the hell was she thinking being in the men's locker room? You take off your own towel and walk into the shower room. You suddenly drown in the moisture. The steam is so thick. You turn off the other six showers that are running and go under the seventh shower.


The girl's obnoxious singing echoes throughout the locker room. Suddenly you hear a locker open and then slam shut. Then another opens and slams and from there many more open and slam.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" You yell.

The girl peeps her head in the shower. As soon as you see her your cheeks fill with an intense heat. She smiles as she stares at you.

"I'm singing. Got a problem with that?"

"Yes I do. What do you think you're doing in the men's locker room in the first place?"

"I was paid to shower in here."


The girl sighs in exasperation. She walks all the way into the shower exposing her nude body.

"The creepy janitor guy paid me to come in here and act like a child. He's set up a few cameras in here as well."

You suddenly cover yourself and look around. She laughs loudly.

"Well I don't think a child would have as big of breasts as you. And why the men's locker room?" You say nodding your head at her.

"Oh I'm glad you noticed. And how am I supposed to know. All I care about is the money." She grins. "Well I better get back to acting. You have fun showering."

The girl walks out of the showers once again. You hear the toilet flushing and then the running water of a faucet. The toilet flushes again. You ignore the obnoxious sounds and finish showering while still covering yourself as best as you can. When you finish, wrap a towel around yourself and walk into the locker room the sink is filled with suds and toilet paper is strewn all over the bathroom stall and urinals. You find the girl running down an aisle of lockers with underwear on her head and socks on. She runs straight into you falling to the ground. She giggles and stands up.

"What's your name?" You ask her.

"I'm not allowed to talk to strangers." She says grinning.

"My name is Caleb. Now I'm not a stranger."

"My name is… MISS. NUDEY!" She puts her hands on her hips proudly.

"No, what's your real name?" You lean over.

"The better I'm at this the more I get paid." She whispers.

"Can I join in?" You ask with a smile.

"If you pay more than he does."

"Aren't I hot enough to get free?" You ask standing up tall.

She looks you over. Several facial expressions appear on her face. It looks like she's thinking very hard. She grins then turns around and bends over showing her ass to you. She stands up and runs away giggling.

"Catch me if you can!" She hollers as she turns a corner.

You smile and run to catch up with her. Suddenly another girl steps in your way. You run straight into her. She doesn't budge but you fall to the floor. You stare up at the girl who is wearing a very provocative English maid outfit and black, fuzzy pimp hat. She bends over and puts her face just inches from yours. She's wearing crimson lipstick and her eyes are traced in black.

"Hello Caleb." She says in a deep sultry voice.

"How do you know my name?" You ask.

"I know many things about you. But the most important one is that you've been a very very very very very naughty little boy." With each "very" her voice lowers.

The girl suddenly has a flog in her hand. You freak out and scramble away from her. Your towel is suddenly torn from your waist. You don't look back but keep running. You hear the girl running after you. She whips your ass with the flog. You yelp and run faster. Unexpectedly, "Miss. Nudey" tackles you from the side. She holds you down at the English maid whips your back. You yelp with each crack of the leather.

"You naughty boy." Miss. Nudey giggles.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE!" You hear a women's voice bellow over the cracking of the leather on your back.

The whipping suddenly stops. Miss. Nudey gets off of you and stands up. You sit up to see who has saved you. It's a tall woman with her brunette hair put up in a bun on top of her head. She's wearing a black suit and very careful applied make-up. Her ample lips are painted a glossy pink and her eyes are a dark blue with fake lashes. She suddenly slaps both of the girls.

"The nice man paid for only Abidemi to act like a child in here. Atoya Shante what the hell are you doing here?"

"I wanted to have fun with Caleb." The English maid answers innocently.

"If he paid for your service then I'd have no problem with it, BUT HE DIDN'T!" You and the two girls flinch. "And as for you, Abidemi! You were going to play with him for free as well! What have I taught you girls?" The woman slaps then both a second time.

They get on their knees and kiss her feet. She smiles smugly and then kicks them both in the face.

"We're sorry Madam Grandevagina." They both say in unison.

You chuckle at the name and the woman glares at you. You quickly keep a straight face and take a step away from her. She is a very intimidating woman.

"Do you think there is something humorous about my name that I have respectfully earned?"

"No ma'am." You say as politely as you can.

She steps over the two girls and closer to you. You back up until you are against lockers. The woman stops an inch from you and looks you up and down. She frowns.

"Are you scared of me?"

You and she both glance down at the pitiful sight.

"Should I be?" You ask careful with your words.

She smirks. The two girls stand up and stand behind her. They both are smirking. It is as if all three of them know a secret you don't. Suddenly the woman leans over and kisses you on the lips. She leans back with a smile.

"I am their manager. I no longer do business, but because of that," the woman points down. "I'll let you have some fun with my girls for a small fee. Let's say twenty dollars for a half hour. Mr. John Smith can wait a bit longer for his."

"As long as the maid looses the flog. I'm not that kinky."


The woman puts out her hand and you shake it. She backs away and the girls come closer to you. The maid and Miss. Nudey get on either side of you caressing your chest. The maid glides her tongue over her nipple. You then hear the door smash open. The girls are still licking you as a huge red neck storms into the room.


The girls are alarmed and stop licking your chest. You're scared shitless. The manager puts her hand on the man's chest seductively.

"You're not losing any money. You can have the money back you deserve or wait until they are done with this man and continue with your session."

"I isn't into no kiddie rape. I want me money back and you guys out of my locker room!"

"What?" You ask.

"I said I isn't into no kiddie rape and I want you the HELL OUTTA MY LOCKER ROOM!" With each word the red neck pokes his finger in your chest.

"Excuse me. Let me get dressed and I'll get out of here." You respond.

"Just wrap a towel around you and come with us. We have a nice place to warm up." Miss. Nudey says as she trails her finger down your chest.

"Have a nice day." The maid says as she walks past the red neck with a wink.

You wrap a towel around yourself and grab all of your belongings. You then follow the three women out of the locker room. The maid and Miss. Nudey deliberately sway their hips in front of you. You're hypnotized by the pendulum like sway.

The maid looks back and says, "We're gonna show you a great time." She then slowly traces her lips with her tongue leaving her lips wet and moist.

"Oh yes baby." Miss. Nudey says as she wraps an arm around the maid.