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Part Three

When Brina fainted, our dashing knight caught her in his arms as all dashing knights are known to do. "Awake, awake fair damsel!" cried the woebegone knight, at a loss. "Awake!"

"Hee-hee! If you say so!" she said, her eyes suddenly opening. "Now, where were we? You were saying something about 1693?"

"Aye," he said. He smiled, and his pearly whites glinted in the sun.

"Ha, that's real cool. I suppose I might as well look around a bit before I wake up. So! Go show me your palace or something. You DO have a palace, don't you?"

"Nay, I-"

"Right on!" squealed Brina, swishing her long shiny blonde hair. "So, now it's your turn to sweep me up onto your horse. Then we ride off into the sunset, and THEN you show me your kewl palace, THEN you ask me to marry you! I, of course, say yes, then we live happily ever after."

"I-I-I" stammered the knight, cheeks red and eyes wide.

"Oh, don't be so coy!" she giggled. "You're just being modest. That's cute."

"My lady! I know not even thine name!"

"Well, that's because I'm anonymous, you see. I try to keep a low profile so I'm not mobbed by all of my adoring fans. But hey, you can call me Brina. Oh, don't tell me- I already know that it's a super-awesome-and-incredible name. I'm quite a fan of it myself. Now, what's your name? Hawt E.?"

"Sir Michael of Newcastle at your service, Lady Brina," he said, bowing low and kissing her hand.

"Oh, so your palace is new? That's cool. I always pictured them beat-up and kinda dingy-looking. So when are you going to take me there?"

Michael's face fell, and he appeared at a loss for words. "My lady, I assure thee I am no king. The very suggestion is absurd! I am but a humble knight in the service of my lord."

"What?! So this whole time you were lying? How could you do this to me?" cried Brina, tears filling her eyes. "I thought I meant something to you!"

She threw a punch at his chest, only to discover that slapping one's armor is not quite comfortable. Shrieking in pain, she put her smarting fingers in her mouth and hopped up and down on one foot. All the while, the knight attempted to speak but was rudely cut off each time.

Finally Brina stopped hopping about and Michael was able to speak. "I beg thy forgiveness for my folly. My words, however misconstrued, were by no means meant to deceive thee."

There was a pause. A very long pause. In fact, the pause was so long that you, dear reader, think it is an intermission! Therefore you stop reading until a certain lazy maiden (otherwise known as Alexis Kent) records another chapter.