Part Four

Danger Approacheth!

After the very long pause, Brina sniffled and lifted her gorgeous, tear-filled blue eyes to meet Michael's gaze. "Well…like…okay, I forgive you," she said, drawing a shaky breath.

"I thank thee for thy lenience, m'lady," answered the dashing knight, smiling all handsome-like. The two stared into each other's eyes for a long while, and a beautiful, slow music began to float through the air. Unfortunately, it was cut off by a loud crashing noise in the distance.

The soft music suddenly stopped, replaced by a new song: harsh, cold, and down-right scary! Without warning (well, if you don't count the crashing noise and suspicious music) a group of scruffy-looking men appeared from the trees. They were very dark and handsome, let me tell you!

"Highwaymen!" shouted Michael, sweeping Brina into the safety of his arms. Things went into slow motion, and very dramatic music began playing. Michael mounted his noble white horse, playing the part of the heroic hero very well indeed! However, our anonymous blonde had other ideas!

She sprang out of Michael's arms, landed on the ground in a heap, then ran over to the highwaymen. All the while, Michael was calling out to her, saying, "Come back here, little fool! My lady! Pray, come back!"

Now, perhaps this was not the most brilliant thing for Brina to do, but in her defense, she thought by "highwaymen," Michael meant police. Cops patrol highways, and most of them are men, anyhow. It makes quite a bit of sense, if you think about it.

"Finally, local law enforcement!" she shrieked, rushing up to the darkest and mostest-handsomest one. Grabbing him by the lapels, she shouted into his face, "HEY! Like, why am I in this England place anyway? What did I do wrong?! I mean, like, I didn't do anything mean to anybody or anything!"

"Sooth, lady! Pray this not be so," the man answered, looking genuinely surprised. "Allow myself and my band of brothers to escort you to safety. It is dangerous in these woods."

"Dude, so this is like, your family?" asked Brina incredulously, gaping at the twenty or so men that surrounded her. "That's like…very…uhm…interesting!"

By now, you may be wondering where in the world Michael is and why he hadn't swept her off to safety before she could put her life on the line. Well, dear reader, I have no other explanation to give you but this: it's a big plot hole, so get over it. Let's just say that giant mutant squirrels had kidnapped him therefore he was unable to perform his knightly duties at the moment.

So it was that the highwayman, a very dark and handsome dude named Phillip, escorted Brina to "safety." In this case, Safety was a Very Large Dark Cave. The interior was rather dank and musty, but Brina didn't mind it too terribly. Flopping down on the ground, Brina said, "So, Phillip, I think it's about time we start thinking about how to get me home. I mean, like, I guess I could use this phone for something…not that it would do much good. I bet you guys don't even have 911 in England!"

Phillip only stared blankly at her, nodding several times. He turned to one of his companions and gave a helpless shrug, obviously not understanding one word that she had said. Her beautiful eyes narrowed, filling with tears. These tears were not ordinary tears-no, they were of a special kind. Each was as pure and brilliant as crystal, making her eyes shine like jewels. "Are you alright, lass?" asked a gruff highwayman, one of the older ones in the bunch.

"Does it look like I'm alright?" she demanded, one of the silver tears slipping down her smooth cheek. She held out her hands. "I have, like, two broken nails-two! And look at my hair-it's so totally a mess!" She pointed at her beautiful platinum-er, golden-tresses, which were as smooth and brilliant as rays of sunlight from above. "I like, can totally not believe this! And you're all giving me like, this look, like, 'Oh look at that stupid blonde, haha I bet she's really stupid.' Yes, I can so totally see what you're thinking. Well, you can just stop thinking that. I'm going home!" With that, she spun on her heel and marched out of the dark cave. Well, perhaps that is not quite the case. In truth she was walking further into the cave, into the dark, labyrinthine corridors. The band of scalawags knew this, of course. The man who had last spoken to Brina looked at Phillip. "Should we follow her? The cave has yet to be fully explored."

Phillip, being the dark and handsome lad that he is, smiled slowly. Dark, chocolate-brown eyes twinkled as he said, "Nay."

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