A/N: Like I said, title pending. In case you were wondering, writing a sonnet is not hard at all. That's why this one is so crappy. Revision suggestions would be greatly appreciated, especially as far as the title goes.

At times you seem the emblem of all life

a God of perfect love and gentleness

laughing, dancing, held so far from strife,

impermeable to simple bitterness.

While laughing with our friends you have no care

your smile and laugh show all so many forms

so often humor's spirit is laid bare

that laugh could keep a thousand winters warm.

But e'en the sun grows hidden by the clouds

in similar manner life your manner shrouds.

Sarcasm, deceit, too often bring

to that dear laugh a far, far diff'rent ring.

For hatred has your visage darkened. Fear...

he, too, has laid his hand on you, my dear.

And when I see you clad in bitter pall

I realize - You're mortal, after all.