Why gay marriage is wrong!

by conservative121

Why is gay marriage wrong? Well quite simply, it's a sin. God does not approve of homosexuality. It's a terrible thing. It hurt's society to it's core. This immoral life style is a disgusting thing. And what's worse now they want to marry. Marriage is a union that is only meant to be between a man and a woman. This gay marriage thing is a threat to marriage itself and family values. It must not be allowed! Gay marriage must be stopped in it's tracks! Homosexuality is wrong!

Gay marriage is only part of the liberals agenda of removing all things sacred from our nation. What will they think up next? These liberals care not for this country or the family. They are willing to sacrifice all things good and decent so they return to power. They must be stopped! Before they destroy this country!

Gay's are trying to take over the nation. In Colorado their was a former lesbian who had a child by artificial insemination, she quit being a lesbian and converted to Christianity but her "lover" sued for custody and won. So in Colorado your former gay lover who has no blood relation to you can legally take your child. In the Lutheran church your pastor can be Gay even though it is against the bible. These areonly a few examples gay's trying to take over.

Gay marriage is wrong. This is terrible for the country andwill damage marriage. It will hurt family values if allowed. Gay marriage must go. I'm conservative 121 and that's what I've got to say..