The truth about conservative 121

By conservative121

Truth is I'm not a conservative. But rather a bored 30 year old liberal. In the three subsequent essays I posted here I was pretending to be what I hated. A conservative. I decided to post god awful terrible things about gays to see what reaction I can get, and also to make conservatives look bad. I hate fascism and Hitler to the person who asked that. I rather enjoyed the increasing intensity of the replies I got from people. I do have a few things to say though.

I had intended to do this earlier but unfortunately I lost my internet for months. Chtula I hope you and you buddy Satan had nothing to do with this. If you did you owe 600$ dollars and for my blown up computer and a broken window (flying shrapnel).

To the person with the crack about quote those yellow bastards coming to take us over. That was among the funniest thing I've ever read. As for john stein, I figured I'd do like a conservative. Bitch about censorship and then censor someone I thought it was genius.

As for all the people who made the comma comment. I'd like to make big wooden letters that spell comma and shove each on up your asses. A comma this, a comma that, the commas don't belong there, and so on and so forth.

As for the people who say separation of church and state. Find a new argument. You can't Jesus and government in the same sentence without someone saying separation of church and state. When 50 of 100 reviews says separation of church and state it gets a little boring. As for the comment about chronic asshole. I was a loud mouth swearing son of a bitch but that don't make me that particular loud mouthed swearing son of a bitch.

Finally, fuck you all very much for your flames. They entertained me more than even Robin Williams

I'm liberal 121 and that's what I have to say.