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Chapter 4

Don't feel anything. He says that I don't feel anything for him.
I feel like shoving my knee up his groin, bet he can feel that.
I finish up my quick shower, brush my teeth, and shoved on some jeans and a white tank. Sauntering down stair barefoot I went into the kitchen ignoring Kevin and headed straight to the fridge to get me some water. I'm never an orange juice person –well, only when I'm sick. Kevin clears his throat to acknowledge his presence. But I don't take notice of him. I place the cup on the counter and readied myself to head back up into my room when Kevin darts up behind me and grabs a hold of my waist.
"We need to talk," he whispers in my ear.
I sigh "you don't need to whisper to get that information to me Kevin" I say.
"Good" he says "living room."

In the living room I take a seat on the couch as Kevin sits on the coffee table to face me.
God I don't want him to stare at me.
God, he's staring at me.
He smiles and then shakes his head "nothing"
"Well' I say "get on with what your suppose to say,"
He prepares himself to speak –like he always does. Opens his mouth, but then nothing comes out.
He sits next to me "I had a great conversation with someone yesterday" he says
facing me.
"And I should care because?"
"Because this person is someone you know"
"and this person is?"
He doesn't reply.
Damn him.
"This is?"
"Andrea" he answered cutting me off completely.

Whoa. Andrea?
Thee Andrea?

Kevin continues "she was pretty nice about it. She told me to fuck off and to stop hanging around you so much and said that you were interested in Andrew now and that-.."

"she said what?!"
"she said"

"I know what she said I just can't believe she said all that"
He looks away brushing his hand through the long hairs that covered his one eye. "But do you?" he says silently.
I hear him, but I pretend not to listen to him.
"She told you that" I say totally changing the subject.
He winced. Yes, I'm mean. But I did it for a reason. A reason that can be highly justified.
And that reason would be…
…I'm not sure.

"Janey, did you hear me"

Damn him again.
"What?" I say looking at the curtains behind him so that it would look as if I am looking at me.
"Look at me. Not the thing behind me"
"You know me too good." I say
"Not good enough" he says softly "now, answer me when I say…do you?"
"do I what?"

He sighs frustratingly.
God, Kevin give up.

"Are you interested in Andrew? Or are you not?"

"Why would it matter?" I say

He looks at me and stand up to sit on the coffee table so that he could get a better view on me lying. Yes, lying.
"Because it does" he say

"That information is for me to know and not for anyone else. Why would it matter to you? Because you're my best friend? Because we've known each other since we were how old? Bec-…"
His eyes grew dark and he stared at me as if he was going to explode. He takes his hand out of the pockets of his hooded sweater and stands up. He looms in front of me so close I can smell his cologne. He bends forward his hood of his jacket falling further down each moment he continues to bend. And just as his face is within level of mine his hood is now over my head. I stare at his face from underneath it. And his face inches closer.

He's going to kiss me –I know it.
Don't kiss Kevin. Don't' kiss Kevin. Don't kiss-
His lips brush against mine as I open my lips to cling to him. His lips drive me crazy instantly as his tongue prods further inside my mouth.
Kevin breaks the kiss.
"Because I am interested in you"
The minute he finishes his sentence I crush my lips against his. His right hand hold the couch to stable him as the kiss turns wild. His free hand strokes my cheek as I tug on the pockets of his sweater –urging him to come closer to me so that I can rub up against him. So that I can feel him. He doesn't brace himself anymore and his hands now close around my breasts. I moan against his lips and just when his one hand slips under my shirt –someone knocks on the door.