Different Shades of Black

She said 'let's be like Uni students'
so we all came
in different shades of black

already sleep was dripping from her eyes
and forming deep pools under them

outside the night was rain
all those slashes in the air
a net drawn
around the café

she liked my jacket
just the tone
of blending in

chocolate cake almost black too

and I think she was laughing
I think she was
bitter and clear beneath her smile

posed angles, elbows, leans
accessorising our shadows

How much it was all making her think,
she said,
asking me,
as if -
for the first
time, she was seeing
gaps between the stars


all arrayed
in different shades of black

for Louise and Josephine

in that just before I left for Victoria University, in mid-February 2004, a couple of friends of mine suggested we meet at a café just to talk about life and our thoughts about being new Uni students. Josephine suggested we all wear black, as a sort of joke on the stereotypes of our new status. We didn't, but an idea grew from there, and although I made this poem more fiction than report by the way I twisted the references to black, that's what the poem is about... us, between high school and Uni, talking.