A/N - ok, this is the final chapter of the fisr quater of the main story of Kai - The Travellers Story, and it going to make way for a new story which will follow on from this part of Kai - The Travellers story called Lithia - The Sin Saga,this is quite a short chapter, so I apologise to all those people who like reading long chapters.

this is the first quater finale of Kai - The Travellers Story



The Travellers Story

Chapter 12

Her Words of Wisdom

We entered through the great door; the sound of the door creaked and echoed through the great hall that was revealed behind it. As Ivor closed the door I felt the breeze from the outside become shut out and everything became quiet, the silence gave me a slight feeling of unease. I looked around, nothing was what I expected it to be, I expected things to be more dark and cavernous, how ever this place was the opposite. The walls towered up to an invisible peek, blocked out by a darkness that shadowed the ceiling; the lower walls were lit up with flamed torches. The light from the torches reflected off the marble walls which illuminated the whole room, to show a plain, but royal looking interior. Ivor began to walk ahead of me, he had the book in his hand and was looking at a page which had a map drawn out form him, I guessed I had to follow him.

After walking down a long narrow corridor we came to another door, this one a lot smaller in comparison to the large entrance door, about human height. Ivor stood in front of the door doing nothing but look at it, confused I nudged him,

"Ivor, what do we do now?" I asked, hoping for a quick response, Ivor didn't acknowledge me, his face still fixated on the door in front of him. I moved around in front of him to see his face, then I jolted back slightly at the slight shock of what I saw, his skin was pale and his eyes had turned a foggy white, his body wasn't moving at all. I turned around and looked at the door, there was nothing unusual about it, it was just an ordinary wooden door, perhaps it was what was behind the door that was doing this to him, but if it was doing this to him, why was it not affecting me? Without thinking I turned around and placed both my hands on the door and pushed the door open as hard as I could; not realizing how light and loose the door was, I fell straight through, stumbling to the ground in the process. Quickly I picked my self up off the ground and brushed my self off, I looked up and in front of me was a young looking woman, who I could only assume was Enchantress. She was bald and looked thin and frail, but young in the face, she wore a long thin violet silk sheath that fell from her shoulders to her knees, also she wore a tiara on her head that shone silvery like the shine that was emitted from my dagger, Paradean Iron, centrally placed in the middle of her tiara was a small red crystal,

"Watch your step" she giggled with a very childish tone, the way she spoke was unexpected, she had the face of a young adolescent, the body of an 80 year old woman, but the voice and attitude of a 5 year old girl,

"Bit late for that don't you think" I said stepping forward, Enchantress looked at me sternly and rose to her feet; she began to walk towards me,

"Why are you here?" she asked as she walked towards me, this time her voice sounded older and a lot more serious, "what answers do you seek? What news do you bring?" she stood right in front of me, practically toe to toe, "what will your conscience tell me?" he face was now within an inch of mine, I stayed where I was but to be honest I was a little intimidated by what she was doing, and confused by what she was asking, I had no news for her. She smiled as if she had just found out my deepest darkest secrets, then turned away from me quickly,

"What is this all about?" I asked her,

"Jealousy is a common emotion, it runs green through all of our veins and there is nothing we can do to stop it, but there are ways in which we can control the green eyed monster inside us, some people strive them selves to be better than others so that they can give others a reason to be jealous of them, others choose to ignore it for they are happy with who they are, some turn their jealousy into paranoia, which drives them to do irrational things, these people pay for their actions" she turned and looked at me again, "there are powers greater than us in this world Kai" my eyes lit up at the sound of my name, which I hadn't told her, what was she talking about? "Those who commit an act of injustice are punished. We as people are given certain privileges, these privileges are not given to certain people, they are just left here for us to discover, and it is up to us to make sure they fall into the correct hands. The people who receive this power are to use it correctly or they are stripped of it. Some of us are used as puppets Kai, some of us are there warn others of the dangers in using great power, some are here to stop the power from getting out of control, others are here to fight against it when all else fails"

"What are you talking about, what does this have to do with me?"

"From what I have seen in your past, you are here to fight, to stop evil before it gets out of control". when she said this it felt like she was trying to tell me that my fate had been determined for me, like it was all written down in a script,

"I'm sorry Enchantress, but my belief is that we have control over our own destiny, we are not puppets" all of a sudden I was blown back by a huge roar from Enchantress,

"OUR LIVES ARE LIVED FOR THOSE WHO CHOOSE OUR DESTINY, THEY LET US LIVE, THEY CHOOSE WHEN WE DIE, THEY CHOOSE OUR PATH!" she screamed in my direction, my immediate assumption was that she had gone mad, she must have been down here to long, isolated from every one and every thing, she must have extraordinary gifts, but has been surviving on the beliefs that there is a higher order, a puppeteer, choosing what we do next.

"Enchantress" I addressed her after she had clamed, "I have my own beliefs, and I believe that every one is entitled to their own beliefs" she turned away from me and turned on her mature attitude again,

"you're a unique person Kai, you have traveled from a land that every one this side of the world was thought to be extinct, you know nothing of this land but you strive to find out more, you have been caught in the net of fate, and no matter what your beliefs are you will become drawn into a plot that you wont be able to escape" she put her hand on her chin as if she were thinking, "I'm going to do you a favor Kai, I'm going to give you three questions…" I stopped her mid sentence with an outraged tone in my voice,

"Three! I have more than three questions to ask"

"… let me finish… I will give you three questions, one about your past, one about your present and one about your future"

"But I already know about my self, my past is the curious young boy who wanted to be a traveler, my present is being here, away from home, and my future… my future is yet to be determined, what could you tell me that would surprise me?"

"Every thing you do and will do, its all for one purpose, its all to prove something, not for any one else, it's for you, your curiosity, it's like a hungry lion, and once it passed through the gate all of a sudden its feeing time" at this point the determined look on my face was wiped and I adopted a more plain expression, I began to think about home,

"My father always said curiosity was an admirable trait"

"Your Father! Part of your past!" she clicked,

"He's not my past, he's still with me, just because I'm not home doesn't mean their love isn't here with me!" I shouted at the top of my voice with a deep emotional bellow

"Did your father also tell you curiosity killed the cat?" she sniggered, I was beginning to think coming here was a bad idea, "except one thing here is different, you keep surviving, because they let you" by this point I had given up on arguing, ill let her have her beliefs, she began to laugh, her laugh started as a small giggle, but grew into a loud insane sounding cackle, then in an instant her face fell straight and she looked at me with a look that I can only describe as regret and sorrow, with a hint of guilt, she looked at me, all of a sudden she seemed like a different person, a single tear began to fall from her eye, it filled me with a growing concern,

"What…what's wrong?" I asked her, beginning to become worried, she began to speak, this time her voice sounding as frail as to match er frail body,

"I sense a growing darkness, hungry it is, hungry and hell bend on revenge, he… he is angry… so very angry, he … he lost a loved one, so many years ago" I had no idea what she was talking about but I couldn't help but listen, "The Dagger of Life fuels his anger, the closer it gets to its destinations the more vast and thick the darkness grows, Reith… Reith will be the first to fall" all of a sudden my heart began to pound, even though I believed nothing this crazy psychopath said I drew me in, what if there was at least some truth in what she was saying, maybe she's just trying to scare me, bravely I began to walk out of the hall and back though the door, but before I could leave she screamed, "KAI!" then I heard what sounded like more than a million cries for help echoing around the room, "YOU CANT SAVE THEM, DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO!" I turned to leave the room,

"I don't have to adhere to your mind tricks!" I shouted above the sound of the cries that filled the room, then one cry stood out, a voice I had grown very familiar to,

"KAI! HELP!" the voice shouted with a terrified scream, it was the voice of Serenity, all of a sudden alarms started to sound in my head,

"STOP THIS NOW!" I screamed, all of a sudden the room fell silent, "ok…" I said with a defeated tone, "let's say I believe you, how do I stop it?"

"You can't, the ball has already begun rolling" she sighed, with a tired tone,

"I choose my own destiny Enchantress, I'm not a puppet" and with that I ran out of the hall and grabbed the key off Ivor who was still in a mesmerized state, I ran as fast as I could up the corridor, with so many thoughts running through my head, what if she was right? What if my home was in danger? What if all those cries of pain, suffering and death were all because of me? Why do I have more questions in my head now that what I did when I entered this place? I put the key in the door quickly and heaved the door open; I heard a cry come from down the corridor, it was Ivor

"Kai! Where are you going?" without answering I pulled open the door and ran out, I was within seconds of leaving the falls when I felt something pierce me through the chest, all of a sudden, I became short of breath, my chest tightened and I daren't look down to see what I had been hit with, I looked up to the sky and heard Enchantress's voice in my head,

"If some one tries to abuse their power and defy their pattern, they will be punished" the voice said,

"KAI!" Ivor shouted with a scared horrified tone. I coughed and spluttered, now all I could taste was blood, and I could feel it dripping from my mouth, I fell backwards, Ivor had reached me just in time to catch me, "shit!" he exclaimed, now, I had the courage to look down, and I could see that I had be shot though the chest with an arrow, I looked across to see Orvar and Henry Gargan, stood far off in the distance, "Kai, Kai talk to me" I heard Ivor, I wanted to reply but I could feel my self falling out of reach of every thing, my vision began to go blurry and my hearing began to fade, this was it, my journey must be over, every thing went cold and numb and black.