Elements of the Unreal

A not so epic tale of epic proportions.

An apartment deep in the jungles of the city, undetermined time.

A man had an idea. Not that original of an idea but he was going to work with this idea. Everything else was gone this was the one clear shot at the train out of this brutal reality. This man was a writer Nicholas Yoslava Romanov XXV1. From here on this man shall go by the condensed version of Nick. Nick, basically, is the hero of this tale legend thingy. Note from author (have you ever realized that every sitcom in existence has a writer type guy or a film type guy. Because everything is, actually a narrative and people draw from themselves ((one of the easiest places to draw from)). In addition, I use ((when I am using (in a (. End authors note. I started this story in a relatively simple manner. I compiled a collection, which all human beings from natural birth are inclined to do. WE WANT MORE, all humans want more. More love, more money, more glory, more. This also inspires both greed and ambition but I'm not going to go Mr. Gecko on you now. I believe love is the only thing worth fighting over. Land, land is also good. Humans feel connections with the land, this is good. Later in life instead of collections we begin to relish free and original ideas. Not all modern art is original.. Nick, the writer, who loved writing, wanted more in life so he began his idea.

"An epic of mega proportions is what it will be. A fantasy epic of a tragic tale of a war torn world and two star-crossed lovers would be splendendiforous (Yes, I did just add that to my own dictionary of awesome words," shouted the great writer Nick. "This is going to be delightful," Nick thought to himself in a congratulating manner." He exclaimed so the people on the floor below him wondered curiously. He said "I will find something new and exciting."

Obviously, he would look to his own experiences to find the ointment that would heal literatures wounds. He looked back. Nothing, a big spoonful of empty space with no adventure filled his mind. This did not matter, just like the lottery ticket in your pocket, this didn't matter. Still, this mattered a little and Nick needed a new plan. Suddenly the clouds of frustration lifted and the song of an idea sprang from the lighthouse the cut through the fog and delivered true inspiration. I'll take everything from other old dead guy's books. They can roll over in their graves if they don't like it. As Nick did his I'm a genius dance(I will not describe the humor of this dance at this time) he began to ask questions. A fantasy epic? What does one need ? Companions!

"Ah, I can see it! These companions originality shall be plucked like apples from a tree. First of all, we need short dudes. All good fantasy epics have short dudes. They shall be stealthy and sneaky like. This shall give us characters and we shall give them emotional struggles between these many different characters. Ok, short dudes check. I will soon find names for them. To find good names go to . It has every name in every language in existence. They have the coolest names. I figures this out from an author names Christiopher Paolini who wrote the book Eragon. That is a great fantasy book and all fantasy lovers should really read that. Yes. Hmmmmmm. Dukhagjin ( Kosovo) will be the short dudes name. On the other hand, maybe Cuana (Irish) would be a better name. Yes, Cuana will be the short person's name. All good adventuring companies eventually have a dwarf, this adds humor and a smith to the bunch. Hjamlur (Icelandic) will be his name. With every dwarf there must be a tall long haired arrow shooting handsome looking elf. This allows for conflict between races of this Earth. What shall this Earth be called anyway. HHmmmmmmmm! I'll get to that while I'm actually writing the book. All adventuring parties need a big guy to help them out with swords and another big guy to use magic. The big guy needs to have something more though. He should be half-elven to cause inner turmoil in him. That would be good. Yeah, and then he could be battling in himself the human and elven portion of himself and not knowing who his parents are. "Good one," thought Nick "The magic guy cannot be too powerful or it wouldn't be any fun. I think he should be named Guibran (Gypsy names). The magic would have to use up his energy or it wouldn't be fair. In addition, the magic itself. HMMmmmm. I have read about word magic before. In addition, it could be part of a secret language of the beginning of the world. Only some people would have the pure luck to stumble upon someone who knew it and then that teacher would spread the secret language." Thought Nick in his busy little brain.

"In the beginning part of the story we will start out with the human/elven guy, we'll name him Sunil (Sri Lankan) then these black cloaked people will take his only family left, his younger brother, captive. All fantasies need black cloaked people. You can't even see their faces. That's what is intriguing about them. Some things are essential in a fantasy. Shall we name them. Oh yes we shall. Here we go," said Nicholas


The one and only set of rules

1. Companions listed above and descriptions.

2. Mean guys in black cloaks.

3. Mysterious traveling guy who can use magic

4. Magical circular objects VERY IMPORTANT!

5. Beautiful elven princess

6. Mean guy who wants to take over the world

"Personally, I like writing in the way I do," said Nick. "People may think that it's weird or ludicrous or something but I like it. The guy who wrote the mighty did that. He was a great author. Paul Zindel is like that too. You just get a feeling of realism. If someone could incorporate that into a fantasy, I would be eternally grateful. Fantasy helps me escape," pondered Nick. Nick does that a lot. Nick ponders and rambles on in his mind. If he were talking, it would be rambling at least. He thinks of finer things and chicken wings; of cabbages and kings. "Cabbages and kings," Nick shouts to me from my own imagination. "That could be the name of our book," he says sounding fascinated by the idea. By the way, cabbages and kings is a line of the poem that Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum say to Alice in either Alice in Wonderland or Through the Looking Glass. I like the way people act out caricatures of people's minds as if it was a tour of the subconscious.

"Yes," Nicholas exclaimed, "and Sunil can be a cabbage farmer who stands up to the evil approaching his homeland while the king simply ignores it."

" Then he can have his brother taken off by the black cloaked figures and then Guibran can show up and lead him on a remarkable journey gathering companions as they go.
They'll be waterfalls, battles, monsters beautiful cities, and beautiful elven princesses," said Nick. " She shall be named Zilia (Aragonese). Yes that is an awesome name for an elven princess." Remarked Nick to himself.

"Well I'll make things up as they come to my head," said Nick " There isn't anything left to do but start. I guess every beginning must have a beginner. Here goes mine," Nick whispered.

"A man had an idea….."

The End

BY Chris Brennan