Author's Note: This is about something that happened almost 2 years ago. This is for someone that I'll never see again. Or at least I hope so. This is for Katie-Scarlett.

Letting Go

I tell you this,

So you can see

The problem that changed me.

Once a friend,

Now enemy,

I tell the pathetic story.

If you understand

Or see the key,

Please don't tell me.

I look around,

But I can't see

Why you did this to me.

I trusted you.

I should have known.

And I thought I was grown.

You knew my secrets

I shouldn't have told.

Once again, problems of old.

You always did talk too much.

I remember every time.

But this time

You slipped.

It wasn't just my

Head in the noose, but by

The time you realize,

I'll be long gone

Just like your mind.

I hope I never

See you again.

You always said you were my friend.

Now I see

The lies you told.

Once again, problems of old.

How could you tell?

Why did you lie?

Again, about this, I won't cry.

Fake friend,



You call me,

But now I know.

That was the way that you would go.

So now I sit and wait.

I know you'll find me.

Because I know you'll never see.

So I drop the trust,

The hate,

The lies,

Drop them all,

Drop my disguise.

I know you'll find me.

I don't care.

You keep asking them,

"Where? Where?"

I hope they tell you,

Let you know.

Because today

I let this go.