Enter Vista One


I could feel someone straddling my stomach, trying to shout me awake or something, but I didn't give a damn. There was no way in hell I was going to get up right now. God, it felt like it was three in the fucking morning . . . although that wasn't exactly possible because I had gone to bed two hours past that time


I groaned, knowing that there was no use in trying to ignore him in hopes that he would give up and leave me alone. After all, it was LESTAT trying to get me up . . . and telling him "no" was practically suicide. Lestat was my roommate . . . well, sort of . . . and he was a bitch about getting his way.

"I'm up," I mumbled, peering up at him out of my squinted eyes. "What's with all the yelling?"

"Whatever . . ." Lestat titled his head back and ran his fingers through his hair. Fuck. I hated it when he was close like this. It just made me want to throw him on the bed and fuck his brains out.

"You need a hair cut." I smirked when he glared at me. I loved torturing him . . . it gave me pleasure. He was beautiful and I suppose we both knew it, but it was just so much fun to tease him about it. Looking over at the clock, I noticed that it said six-thirty and thought to myself that it must have stopped working

"What time is it?" I asked, reaching over to grab the alarm clock, making sure it was still plugged in.

"6:30 am," he replied, looking confused when my mouth dropped. "Why? What's wrong?"


"Nothing's wrong with me, but if I didn't wake you up you wouldn't be up until one," Lestat explained in a dignified voice.

"What's wrong with that?" I moaned. I brushed my hair away from my face.

"And you complain about my hair!" Lestat crossed his arms. "At least mine's not silver!" He got of my lap (much to my disappointment) and walked down the wooden steps and into the living room.

I watched him as he left, staring at his cute little ass as he walked away.

"Why me?" I groaned again, slipping out of bed.

Exit Vista One

Enter Vista Two

When I was younger and refused to get up, Lestat used to pull my cover off me . . . I was kind of glad he didn't do that anymore, pretty much because I slept naked, and that would be a bad thing . . . for him. I myself wouldn't mind showing him my cock one bit. But of course, along with being a bitch, Lestat was a total innocent. It kind of sucked.

I threw on a wife-beater tank top and a pair of khaki dress pants that were styled and fitted for punks. I loved the punk look, must to Lestat's disgust. That little brat was always bitching at me for my "bad taste" in clothing, but that was pretty much because he dressed in "normal" dress pants and a nice shirt or some such.

Not that I was complaining about that, mind you. Lestat looked sexy in just about anything. But he definitely looked best naked. Yes, I'd seen him naked. How, you ask? Easy . . . I peeked in on him once while he was getting undressed and got more than an eyeful of that nice body. Lean abs, sculpted, tiny muscles, girlish body, a nice sized dick . . . the works. God, I wish I could fuck him.

As I walked downstairs, I absently started to wonder why Lestat had woken me up in the first place . . .normally he would just bitch about how bored he was while I was sleeping while I ate my "breakfast." Then we'd go out into the yard and spar or take a walk down the deserted street.

There were no other houses other than this one and there were many strange rumors about the house at the end of this deserted ally being haunted . . . or that it had vampires living in it that would suck your blood if you walked into the mansion. People were so weird and naïve. How could anyone believe such nonsense?

Exit Vista Two

Enter Vista Three

As I neared the end of the staircase I saw Lestat waiting for me, and I gave him one of those "What the fuck?" facial expressions.

"Come on! Hurry up!"

"What's the rush?"

"Damien and Vicious are home! Now come on!"

"Alright already," I said, watching as he came to the end of the steps. Lestat grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the door. I smiled, wishing I had the guts to hold his hand. I knew he was gay . . . God, you could tell the kid was queer just by the way he talked. He had that "fag" voice that irks people so much. It didn't bother me one bit. I found it incredibly sexy . . . but that might have been just because I so desperately wanted to bang him.

Exit Vista Three

Enter Vista Four

The sun was shining bright and the sky was clear. A warm breeze ruffled my silver hair and made Lestat's fly in front of his face. Lestat had beautiful shoulder-length blonde hair and sky blue, almost lifeless, eyes. He was a beautiful person with a stunning personality, just like his brother Vicious, who scared me. He was the reason I was so terrified to make a move on my beautiful crush.

"Here they come!" Lestat said, pointing ahead of us. "And there's Vicious."

Vicious had his sandy-blonde hair pulled in a loose ponytail at the back of his head, and his eyes; those same eyes . . . lifeless; blue; beautiful. He wore a white tee shirt that perfectly outlined his muscles and a pair of khaki pants that looked like they came from one of the goddamn name-brand stores that piss me off so much.

Beside him were two men, only one of whom I knew. His name was Damien, and he had light brown hair and dark brown eyes. He was slightly older than Vicious . . . about 27. He wore a dark blue tee shirt and a pair of baggy blue jeans. But the other one . . . he seemed so . . . different. He had black hair and black eyes, and wore a tight black shirt with black leather pants and a black trench coat. He looked about 25.

Lestat elbowed me in the stomach. "Ow! What?"

"You're staring," he said, not even bothering to look at me. "It's not polite."

"Who cares?" I asked nastily, glaring at Lestat, who rolled his eyes, saying nothing.

"Hello." Vicious said happily as they all approached. "Lestat, Borden, this is…"

I growled, catching Vicious off guard. He stopped and stared at me for a moment before giving me one of those warning looks that pissed me off. It pissed me off even more because it wasn't him whom I had growled at. "In the distance, Vi," I said, nodding my head forward, toward someone approaching. He didn't look very friendly.

Damien, Vicious, and whoever the other man was, all turned around to get a look at whoever it was that approached us. It amazed all of us that anyone had even come out here, seeing as how everyone avoided this place like the plague because of all the rumors about how haunted it was and such. We had the occasional visit from a teenager on Halloween, but once they got near our place and heard us, they split.

I had a bad feeling about this . . . something just wasn't right. Whoever that person was, he or she was definitely not giving off a good vibe. Something about this person's aura was foreboding to me.

"Blade! Lestat! Get out of here!" Vicious' voice rang in my ears.

Like I said, something was definitely not right . . .

Lestat ran, but I stayed behind, wondering why the fuck Vicious had told us to run in the first place.

Everything went quiet for a second as I looked around, trying to think of what to do. I wondered if I should have run like I was ordered to, but then again, it was a little late for that now.

I looked ahead and saw that Vicious and the others were practically preparing for battle.

"The fuck?" I asked myself, still not understanding what the hell was going on.

Figuring that I might as well do something to help, I scanned the ground, finding nothing that could really help much. But as I looked ahead and saw Vicious practically battling it out with whoever it was, I knew there had to be something I could do.

Unarmed, I ran towards where Vicious, Damien, and the other man were, stopping just short of where Vicious was battling it out with the guy.

"What are you doing?" Vicious practically screamed when he saw me standing there out of the corner of his eye. "Get out of here! NOW!"

But I didn't move. I couldn't bring myself to for one reason or another. "Vicious, what the hell is going on?" I demanded.

"NOW'S NOT THE TIME, DAMN IT!" he screamed, while at the same time dodging blows from the man that had come from nowhere. "JUST GO!"

The man Vicious was fighting jumped back and smirked at the young man, seemingly amused with his mediocre efforts at warding him off. "You know you cannot defeat me, so why even attempt?" the man asked, a small smile of his face. He turned to me, studying me for a moment.

I scowled at the man, still not understanding what the hell was going on. "What the hell is going on?" I growled.

The man just smirked. "You haven't yet told him what you are, Vicious? I'm surprised at you. Even your little faggot of a brother knows now, and you haven't told his lover?"

"Lover?" I asked, showing in the tone of my voice that that was not a subject to touch on.

"You aren't?" he asked. "That's a pity. Poor boy loves you, you know that?"

I glared at the man when he smirked at me. In a flash of light he was beside me. I jumped because he had been at least five yards away only a second ago, and yet now he was right beside me, grinning.

"You have a nice fighting spirit," he commented, walking around me. "A good build too, just perfect for . . ."

"What the fuck?" I growled, gasping as I felt his arms enclose around me from behind. I found that I couldn't move and started to panic slightly.

"No!" Vicious yelled. "No! Let him GO!"

"Vicious!" I cried, struggling to free myself from the man's embrace, yet finding that the more I tried to get away, the tighter his grip became. But I never stopped struggling, and eventually his grip became so tight that I started to scream in pain. And then I felt something sharp sink into the side of my neck.

It reminded me maybe of something you would feel if a vampire was biting down on your neck and about to drink your . . .

I tried to reach my hand up, to try to feel what exactly it was that piercing my neck, as I couldn't really see out of the corner of my eye, but I found that I couldn't move and started to panic even more. My entire body was numb and yet stiff at the same time, and it felt as if all my blood was running up through my veins and out through whatever had pierced the side of my neck. And it hurt like a bitch.

And then blackness started taking over, leaving no real sense of anything and no explanation as to what was happening to me or why. I started to close my eyes, feeling my consciousness start to slip from me as my vision became black.

Memories flooded my brain. Memories of Lestat and I, always in trouble, playing down by a medieval-styled bridge not far off from the mansion we lived in, whilst at the same time hiding from Vicious and the punishment he was going to administer us once and IF he found us.

And of course, I couldn't forget all the training that Vicious had given me. Sometimes, after losing to him, the pain in my body was so unbearable that it made hell seem like a good idea. But I didn't believe in hell.

Lestat, you know . . . I really did love him, as much as I lusted after him, I loved him . . .

Exit Vista Four

Enter Story

A deep growl exited my throat when I woke up, and more than anything else in the world at that moment, I wanted to kill Vicious. I knew that I would never be able to accept what he did to me; that I could never forgive him for making me a monster.

I didn't even know what happened after the memories flooded my brain like that. I guess I lost consciousness for a while or something of the sort, because when I finally could see again, I was lying on the table of this infinitely strange and creepy looking basement that looked like a vampire crypt.

And that "table" that I was lying on, well, it looked more like a coffin.

At first my vision was blurry, and my senses weren't all in tact, because I couldn't really hear any of what I knew Vicious and the three other men were saying to each other. I could see their lips moving even though their images were blurry and slightly distorted, but I just couldn't see well enough to be able to read their lips.

Lestat was standing beside me, his hands covering his face as if he were crying. I could just make out his form: hair pulled back in a low ponytail with black ribbon, white button-down dress shirt tucked into black dress pants, the works. Did I mention that he has a very, very nice ass? Well, he does. It's small and tight and . . . God, I wish I could grab it without being slapped across the face.

As my vision became clear and I started to actually feel my limbs, relishing at the fact that I still had them (yeah, well, it'd kind of suck if they got cut off or something, okay,) I heard him sobbing. And that I couldn't take.

"Hey," I said sharply, amazed that I could even speak.

Lestat jumped and spun around the stare at me with the widest eyes I had ever seen in my life. I wanted to laugh, but there was something in his eyes that I didn't quite understand, and for one reason or another, I couldn't find the words to say to him.

"Y-Your heart stopped beating twenty minutes ago," he said stupidly, just staring at me blankly now.

"Say what?" I sat up easily and put my hand over the left side of my chest, feeling around for a heartbeat. "Hell, it isn't even working now."

Lestat just smiled and let out a frightened laugh. "Vicious?" he asked uncertainly, looking over at the man at the same time as I did, seeing him smile lightly.

He walked over to us slowly with a reassuring look on his face, and I found myself trusting in him as I always did, so I smiled back slightly.

"Okay, what the hell is going on, you dick?" I asked, crossing my arms over my chest and hopping down off the coffin-looking table thing.

"Well, the High Council approved my request to um . . . preserve your youth," Vicious said, his grin growing larger as he looked at me with seductive eyes.

I watched as the other man, the one who had bit me, walked over and stood beside Vicious with a pondering frown on his face. "Request?" he asked, glaring over at the blonde. "My ass, you impotent fool. You only made such a request to Damien and Daemon AFTER I claimed him."

"Claimed me?" I asked angrily. "Go to fucking hell you cock-sucking vampire-wanna-be! I don't belong to anyone, and I never will. Not unless you count him," I pointed at Lestat, "because he's the only thing in the world who would ever have a chance of owning me."

The man just rolled his eyes. "Don't be stupid," he started. "If I wanted you even now, I could take you."

"Bet me?" I heard a small voice say from behind me with a malicious tone that I had never heard before. Lestat walked over and stood beside me, uncapping what looked like a flask. "I've got some holy water that says otherwise."

The man hissed and backed away. Lestat just smiled evilly.

Putting my arm around Lestat's waist, I pulled him to me and rested my head on his shoulder. "Okay, little man, what's going on?" I asked tiredly. "I've sworn God-knows how many times around you in the past two minutes, and STILL haven't gotten my ass kicked for it."

Damien chuckled. "There isn't much he can do about it now."

"Why's that?" I retorted.

"Because something much greater is happening at the moment, and he's known about it for a very long time, Blade." Damien bit his lip and looked away for a moment. "And even as perverse as Spencer seems, he is a good leader."

"Wait – hold up a minute. What the hell are you talking about?" I asked, staring at Damien as if he were crazy.


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