The red fleece felt warm against her skin. She always enjoyed the soft and cuddly feel of the coat when she wore it. The fading sunlight made the snow around her shimmer like thousands of small crystals. The water from the creek was frozen and cast no likeness of her, but she didn't complain. Her red eyes watched the trees rustle from the cold breeze. She enjoyed watching it dance across the dead limbs.

Behind her was her next destination. A long journey which had now come to a pause. Muffled screams from the city dwellers and honking car horns caused her to shudder. The breeze intensified, making her hold her coat closer to her body.

Now the sun had died away into the darkness of night. A subtle sigh passed through her pink lips as she turned and soaked in the ghastly sight before her. Lights from tall buildings, cars, and street lamps illuminated the foreign city. She could feel the snow crunch beneath her as she strolled towards her new home.

Her form was flawless as she traveled the streets of Deston. Taxi cabs and limos were filling the streets and conversations engulfed the air around her. It was time for all the night-walkers to awaken and join the crowds. The local night clubs began to open and people were gathering into lines to enter.

But none of this mattered to her. The lights and blasting music made her crave that she was home again. This place was too much bustle and hub for her. Too modern. Her country home was what she was used to. Not the polluted air of a small city.

Down the street, there were people crowding by the entrance of what seemed to be a popular night club. Curiosity swelled inside of her, and she followed the lines towards the entrance. For a moment she felt a sudden chill crawl down her spine.

He was here.

A tall African-American bouncer peered down at her delicate form with an open hand. A deep voice beckoned for an I.D. She glanced at his monstrous form and smiled a little, handing him a small tag. As he touched the cold plastic, his eyes seemed to blank out in a trance-like state. She giggled to herself and glided through the entrance doors with ease. She leaned against the side of one of the doors and snapped her fingers. Within seconds his voice came back into normalcy and she could hear him asking others for I.D. Her eyes flashed slightly as she stared out into the magnificent scene playing in front of her.

There were thousands of flashing lights of every color. Men and women were dancing frantically with the booming techno music that seared through the two large speakers by the disc jockey's setup. At her side was a long bar where people were consuming alcohol like water and chatting about meaningless topics. What an interesting atmosphere, she thought as she approached an empty table.

Her fingers were tapping against the glossy surface as her eyes examined the grinding bodies on the all-too-small dance floor. The smell of the blood around her was intoxicating. Fresh blood was pulsating through their bodies like faucets on full blast.

He was here.

The same chill from before crept down her spine once again. She could sense his powerful aura. A few strands of silky, black hair fell lightly in front of her face. Three of her fingers pulled back the hair and place it behind an ear. She glanced ahead of her and smiled as who she saw.

Long, red hair had separated him from everyone else in the room. Thin glasses were placed perfectly on his nose and made his angelic face glow with intellect. Slender fingers were wrapped around a small book and his red eyes seemed deeply interested in the material within. An elegant black suit covered his form; modern suit that had a hint of the 1700's elegance worked into the fabrics. She could see his muscles clearly through the suit. His legs were crossed underneath the table and black pump-like boots were hidden under the slacks of his suit. He truly was a spectacle. She stood up and walked over to him slowly, pushing through the mesh of bodies to reach his table.

As she neared him, his face rose from the book. She saw him lick his lips for a moment and close his book. He gently placed it on the table and turned to her, standing up. "You know, these vampire tales seem so enticing...until you read them." his soft boyish voice teetered out in a sarcastic, yet matter-of-fact tone. Her eyes rested on top of the cover of said book and a smiled spread across her face.

"Interview With a Vampire?" she read in question. The man nodded and grasped her sides tightly into an embrace. "It has been a long time, Rufian." she said to him as her own arms wrapped around him.

"Yes it has, Moira." Rufian let go and motioned for her to join him at the table. "So how have you been?" he inquisited as the two sat down across from one another. Moira leaned back into the chair slightly, her eyes enticed by his form.

"I have been fine. Life at home became a little too dull for me, and I heard that you wished to see me. So here I am." she explained. A slight chuckle came from Rufian and he slid the glasses off his nose and placed them next to the book.

"I am glad to see that you are healthy. And yes, I did wish to speak with you..." he said as a waitress came up to the duo. Her black and silver waitress outfit attracted Moira's gaze and she smiled, noticing the lack of actual fabric on her. Rufian held up two fingers at the girl and she nodded and left. He turned back to Moira and slid a hand through his thick hair.

"I heard that you have been doing well here also. Is it true that you are in a band?"

"Yes. it is called Lonely Shadow and I am the lead singer. It is only a small local band but we are getting noticed."

"It consists of others like us, right?" Rufian's head shook with a grin and her laid his arms on the table.

"No, but the other members do not suspect anything of me. There are only four other members, and they themselves are too into what they think is life to worry about my lifestyle."

"Hmm. I am impressed! Humans today can be very curious about something such as your lifestyle."

"Not as much as you think." Rufian said as the waitress returned with two thin glasses filled with deep red wine. He handed her a couple of dollar bills and she walked off. "Diseases of the sunlight do exist today." Moira slipped fingers around the short stem of the glass and tilted it against her lips, feeling the bubbling drink slither down her throat. It was decent, but not as good as her normal 'drink'. "Do you have a place to stay?"

"Actually, no I do not. I just arrived this evening. Why, do you have a place for me?"

"I live in a building not too far from here. I do have a spare room and you are welcome to stay there for as long as you'd like." Rufian replied after sipping some of his own drink.

"Thank you, Rufian." Moira smiled and took a long glance around her. The speakers seemed to bounce off the floor from the bass of the gothic music. Sweating men and women, whom were covered in fishnet and leather, were grinding against each other in dance. The intense scent of alcohol and sex made the air feel heavy to Moira. Lights were spinning from the ceiling and walls, which reminded her of a music video one could see on television.

"I can sense your hunger." Rufian observed and Moira's eyes widened in surprise. Was it really that obvious? "There is an alleyway exit by the dj. Go ahead and have a snack." he said and slid a piece of rippled paper across the table. She took the paper and examined it. There was an address listed on it. "Make sure to be there by dawn, I don't think I need to warn you." Moira nodded and stood up, taking off her coat and placing it on top of the chair.

She felt Rufian's gaze upon her as she adjusted her tight top. It was as black as her hair and had no sleeves. The v-shape cut in the front exposed just enough cleavage to make someone take a second glance at her. The tank top hugged at her well-shaped chest and made her look more angelic, in a gothic way. Her long legs were covered with thin fishnet pantyhose and a silk black skirt was around her waist. It was a few inches above her knees. Part of her tattoo could be witnessed on her right thigh; the bottom half of a wilted black rose. Leather, knee-high, high-heeled black boots were on her feet. With a wave to Rufian, Moira was off towards the mass of flesh before her. Maybe this place won't be that bad...her mind spoke. She spotted couples dancing and kissing to the fast beats. She then began to dance herself.

After a few moments, Moira could feel her spell working on the crowd. A few men began to focus themselves on her. Soon, everyone was watching her. This felt incredibly nice to her. Quite refreshing! Her gaze of the crowd around her made them shiver with excitement. To them, she was just a fantastic dancer. Now to find my delicious snack, she thought and her eyes fell upon a young man, Dressed completely in black leather and spandex, he was in the perfect shape for her. She pointed a finger at him and he came to her lustfully.

He met her on the dance floor and the two began to grind wildly to the music. Twists and twirls and dips were at each step that they made. His neck was so close to her...she could almost taste him! Once the song changed, she could no longer stand it and she took his hands, leading him towards the exit.

Once outside, she slammed him against the brick wall across form them. She pressed her lips against him in a harsh kiss and her hands roamed the side of his stomach and chest. Her fingers slid under his cotton shirt and his tense muscles began to quiver underneath them. His heat made her shudder and her kiss ended slowly. Her eyes stared into his green emeralds and she could see that he was completely taken by her now. Oh, how beautiful a creature he was, like this!

She could hear his rapid heartbeat and she couldn't wait to stop it. Her nails grazed at his neck lightly and her hands freed themselves from his shirt to tilt his head to the side. A moan of exquisite pain erupted from his mouth as Moira dug her mouth into his flesh. Two long, silver fangs buried themselves into his flesh, and a flood of warm blood ran down her throat. One of her hands clasped his mouth shut and the other held him in place. Her body tingled as it filed with his delicious blood. The human twitched under her tight hold and his heartbeat began to decrease. What a truly orgasmic feeling this take one's life this way.

Within moments the man was near-death. Moira knew she couldn't kill him, but she didn't want to stop. This was her first real meal in over a week. Vampiric instinct fought with conscience inside of her and she finally threw the body to the cold ground in rage. Blood was so delicious to her, She cleaned off her drenched lips and licked the remains of the blood off her fingers.

"Poor creature..." she whispered plainly as she walked back into the club. She noted that Rufian had left; probably to feed, himself. Moira grabbed her coat and left the club, following the directions on the piece of paper that Rufian had given her.

Rufian's apartment was very serene and calm to Moira. It was a large studio with a small kitchen and two small bedrooms. Soft candles were placed on the tables and bookshelves and paintings from the long past covered the walls. Posters and flyers from Lonely Shadow were also displayed on them. Moira walked into the second bedroom and after she placed her coat on a chair, she fell onto the soft bed and fell into a state of unconsciousness.