"If we don't do this, we will both die." Reuel stammered. He held up his sword in front of him. A sad reflection stared back at him. A mixture of dark and white faces stared at them both with anxiousness. The silence was unnerving. Moira could feel heat rising to her face.

"Damn the laws of heaven and hell." Moira sighed. She held out her hand and her own red-bladed sword appeared. Her ruby-red eyes glimmered with held-back tears. Never had she met a creature as beautiful as Reuel. And now, when she had finally found peace with her existence, she had to fight and kill him for the sake of her kin. It isn't fair. Not fair, indeed.

Moira, do your best. Rufian's voice rang in her head. She knew he was trying to give her confidence, and she then realized what he had said before. He said that he had been in her position before...was he in love with an angel as well? If he was, then he must've fought with her and killed her. Now she understood how he became the leader of the guild. How horrible!

You know what will happen after this battle, regardless of the outcome. Moira replied back to him. She sensed him nod in agreement and she blinked her eyes for a moment, trying to hold back more of her tears. "I am sorry." she said as the two took their stances. Reuel was the first to charge.

His speed was that of lightning! Moira held up her sword to block his coming thrust and she spun around his side, extending her hand to claw at his back. He fell to the floor before she could strike and he swung his leg around her feet, trying to knock her down. Moira caught onto what he was doing and she leaped into the brisk air like a tiger. She held out her free hand and a ball of fire grew inside of it. Reuel stood up and his wings extended behind him; the feathers twitching.

"Taste the wrath of Hades!" Moira cried as she landed, shooting the ball of fire at Reuel. His wings swung back and forth, creating a wind that dissipated the fire into a flash of white light. Moira then began to twirl her blade in front of her. "Eki Hano Kei Ken!" she chanted and lighting exploded from her blade and flew at Reuel's wings. He tried to dodge, but his right wing was hit. Golden blood began to drip from the charred wound.

As Reuel yelped in pain, Moira cringed at the glowing blood. Vampires and angels began to shriek in happiness and anger at the sight. Reuel grunted as his wing became useless. It drooped a little. The smell of his blood made the vampiric instinct inside of Moira crave the taste of it. Her eyes flared up with satisfaction and she charged at him while he was down. She could see his own anger growing within his eyes.

His arms brought up his sword and he swung it at her with incredible speed. She couldn't block and a gash crept up her chest. Her shirt and vest were torn swiftly and she whimpered a little as blood seeped from the large wound. She closed her eyes for a moment and did a couple back flips to get away from him. The wound began to slowly heal and Moira winced. How dare you...she thought and glanced at her blade. "Damn you!" she growled as her vampiric instinct finally took hold of her. Her urge to kill him was rising...fast. "Kill..." she whispered under her breath. A twisted grin appeared on her face. She could taste his blood on her lips. She wanted it. And she was going to get it.

The gash was only a faint scar now, and the sense of fear clouded the room. Her eyes met with Reuel's for an instant before they turned black. The angels and vampires around them gasped in surprise and awe at the aura she was emitting. "Blood." Her voice wounded more animalistic now. She wasn't Moira. She was the darkened vampire within. "Goodbye."

Her body glided towards the slightly stunned Reuel and she extended her hands, dropping her sword. She didn't need a weapon anymore. Her fingernails became sharp like knives and she scratched at him like a deranged cat. Reuel fell to the floor and shoed her off of him fiercely. A wicked hiss came from her as she stood up. His face was bloody, but it didn't matter to him. He picked up his sword and thrust it at her, but she blocked it with her arm. The sword sliced into her skin, but she didn't take notice of it. Her emotions were well hidden beneath her hunger. She kicked him brutally in the stomach and as he fell back, she tug at the sword. Once she pulled it out of her arm, she threw it across from her. Blood trailed behind the blade. The crowds froze as they watched it slide across the floor. Moira lapped at the blood on her arm, making the healing faster.

Reuel was breathing heavily. His face and arms were covered in golden blood. Moira smiled at the sight and opened her hands at her sides. Two balls of charging fire energy formed inside of them. She laughed as they engulfed her hands. "Death is coming for you. Are you ready?" she asked in a tone that was far from her own. Reuel opened his own hands and created a small crystalline shield in front of him.

"Your energy will not harm me, Moira." his voice shook. She smirked and tilted her head to the side. Her hair and pale skin shined from perspiration. Her eyes were an endless black; her lips a deepening shade of ruby red. The energy grew around her hands and she winked at him.

"It COMES!" Moira screamed, and the energy pelted from her hands off to Reuel. They hit his shield, and he was shoved backwards from the force. The shield started to break and he was soon engulfed by the flames. His body his the wall behind him, and he slumped over as the flames grew higher around him. His screams were louder than the ones from the others in the room; truly dreadful to hear. Moments passed, and the fire finally died away. His burned body twitched horribly on the floor and the others cringed at the sight. Moira smiled as she sensed his heartbeat begin to fail.

Suddenly, Moira could feel a warm liquid fall down her cheeks. A hand touched her cheek an she rubbed the red blood between her fingers. Was she crying? She glanced back at Reuel and she started to scream in agony. She clutched her head and shook. Her eyes changed back into the red color that they used to be. "Reuel?" she squeaked, realizing what she had done. When he did not answer, she started to run towards him. A mass of angels and vampires ran at her, trying to stop her. She waved a hand and they flew through the air, hitting the back walls harshly. Invisible energy bound them to the walls as they tried to get free. The rest of the group tried to sop her as well, an she did the same to them. She fell to her knees and pulled Reuel onto her lap. "Reuel...Reuel! Please awaken! I am so sorry! Please forgive me and awaken...my love..." she cried, her tears splashing against his eyes and cheeks.

"Crimson rain," Reuel's voice was soft and very weak. "You bring the crimson rain...with your tears..." he said. Moira's eyes widened at his comment and she grasped him tightly into her hold. His wings were stained with blood as well as his clothing, and his skin was charred. The sight had brought her out of her vampiric instinct.

"Forgive me, Reuel." Moira said.

"Forever." he replied. Moira smiled and touched his ear with her lips.

"Time to show them the truth and finish this, Love."

"Yes..." The two smiled at each other as they stood up. The others witnessed this and were shaking in their binds. The smell of fear and confusion was almost too strong for their nostrils to take. Reuel's wounds disappeared and the two stood back to back. Moira snapped her fingers and Rufian was freed from his binds. She watched him fall to the floor and he looked at her in shock and puzzlement.

"What are you doing?!" he exclaimed. Moira held a hand out and smiled at him.

"If you wish to live, come with us." she said. Rufian looked at her for a moment and slowly approached her. Once he took her hand, Reuel grinned. He looked out at the crowd.

"We are sick of the rules of 'the code'. Too many innocent lives have been stolen because of them." he said.

"We are going to make our own rules. We are going to start our own lives with new, unbound freedom. Since we are now seen as traitors in the eyes of heaven and hell, we will sufficiently live on earth with the evil and goodness in our hearts." Moira said.

"Hopefully we will create new generations of creatures that can live together on the planet in harmony, and that will no longer fear their peers. There will be no more White Crows, desecration of vampires, demons, or angels." Reuel finished. Rufian watched on as Moira and Reuel both held their hands up. The two began to glow bright red and the binds on the others all broke. Gracenda was the first to stand up and Moira flashed her a smiled.

"What are you going to do to us, Reuel?" Gracenda asked, her voice filled with fear.

"Give you the peace you all need. Tell God that your work here is no longer needed." he replied as he closed his eyes. Moira did the same and the aura around them grew in size. The vampires and angels tried to get free and escape. "Power of the holy," Reuel chanted.

"Power of the sinful," Moira chanted.

"Give life to the light that lives in the darkness!" the two said in unison. Shards of red energy blasted from their bodies and cut through the air. They hit the vampires and angels in their chests and heads. Blood from both the angels and vampires splattered across the walls of the old chapel and it was soon only Rufian, Moira, and Reuel who stood in the room.

A strange guilt swelled inside Moira for a moment when she opened her eyes. She had killed her own kin for the love of an angel. No...it was for the change that was very much needed in the modern world. She could sense that Reuel was feeling the same way as she. Her hand grasped his and the two looked at each other. The red aura around them faded into the darkness and the room became cold once again. Rufian stepped forward and looked at them.

"Why did you let me live, when you killed all the others?" he asked.

"Because you gave us the freedom. You let us live. You gave me the release that I needed. I thank you for that." Moira smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

"Besides, who else will lead the new guild of the Deston vampires?" Reuel said. Rufian smiled a little and nodded.

"They will need their new guidance." Moira said. She took Reuel's hand and the three left the chapel. The night sky was filled with clouds and the stars were only partially visible.

"How did you two pull off what happened in there?" Rufian asked. Moira smiled.

"When we were preparing for battle, I sent him a telepathic message with all my mental power, and gave him the scripted idea of fooling everyone. Neither of us wanted to kill each other, so this was the simplest idea i could come up with in such short time."

"I'd say that your idea worked, though." Reuel chuckled. Moira nodded and Rufian sighed.

"Am I out a singer?" Rufian asked.

"No, I don't think so. I have a feeling that I will return, but I need a little vacation." Moira replied, looking down from the sky. She squeezed Reuel's hand and smiled at Rufian. "I think you can survive without me for a little while. You'll have enough on your hands once the other vampires hear of what happened. Try not to make me sound too goodie-goodie." Rufian laughed and grabbed her and hugged her tightly.

"Take care of yourself, Moira. You'll be hunted down for what you've done. Be careful." he whispered in her ear. She nodded.

"Don't worry, I think since we made it this far, we can endure a little bit more." she replied. Reuel shook Rufian's hand and looked at Moira.

"Let's go. Dawn will approach soon." he said. Moira nodded and the two began to walk off into the darkness of the city,

"Good luck!" Rufian's voice echoed through the empty street as the two lovers set off to begin what would be a new life for both of them.