"Obligatory Defensive and Offensive Weapons Against Siblings?"

Megan, nearly dropped the phone she had been cradling. "Obliga-what?!"

Danielle sighed. "Obligatory, Megan. Get with the program."

"What program? Since when does obligatory have a program that needs to be gotten with?!" Megan cried.

"Never mind! Just answer the question!"

"As I recall, your family is the one with all the fruits and veggies, so if we were to get into another food groups free-throw with your sister, it's not like your house needs any more icky healthy food." Megan sneered at the H word.

"Oh, like having healthy food is a bad thing," was the deadpan reply.

"Being a vegetarian is not natural! You don't see a Liger saying, 'Oh, no thanks, I'll pass on the boar. I'll just eat my veggie zebra, if it's alright with you.' "

"Wait, what? A Liger? And I don't see them saying anything! There's just so many wrong things in what you just said!" Yes, Danielle often had to put up with Megan's...limited mental capacity. That doesn't mean she understood her any better.

"Maybe it's the lack of real meat going to your brain to make you think that what I think is un-smart."

"Yeah. What a nice faux pass there, Megan. Too bad 'un-smart' isn't even a real word!"

"Is too if I say it. How can I not say a word, unless it's an onomatopoeia. But then again, an onomatopoeia might be a word if I say it."

"Megan, stop. Just...stop."

"What's wrong? Don't you like onomatopoeias? I'm sure they like you!" The girl was insanely giggling.

"Megan!" Danielle shouted at the crazy girl. "STOP WITH THE ONOMATOPOEIA!"

"Aaawww, you hurt the onomatopoeia's feelings! For shame, Danielle! For shame!" Megan cackled.

"No shame!"

"Yes! Shame! FOR SHAME!"

"Hold on a second, 'kay? Sam's wanting the phone, and she's being gangsta about it. This could take a couple minutes."

"Okay," Megan said, then proceeded to spin around in circles in the limited space in her room.

After a couple of minutes, Danielle spoke again.

"Okay, back. Geez. It's like she draws off her Gangster Power from her visor cap. Maybe I should throw it into a mountain containing an ample amount of hot volcanic lava."

Megan snickered, for the statement made a humorous picture. "Would it involve two gay hobbits and second breakfast?"

"Maaybe. Anyway, where were we?"

"I dunno."

"Me either."

The clock ticked like a ticking-tick thing.

"Fuck the check list. Just be over here by 6."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Damn right."