Chapter 14

But if you really believe that's the end, you're an optimist, and as such very foolish. Less than a year later, another crisis interrupted my life. But at least this time it didn't come in the gorgeous form of vampiric royalty, although I could most certainly use a gorgeous guy in my life at the time. It came in the form of several terrorist attacks on various highly populated areas that were the territory of various species. The vampires had yet to have any of their territory blown up, so naturally, we were the scapegoats for this particular area of crime. However, as far as most of us knew, we were completely innocent. Well, you can never be completely innocent when you indulge in a lesser form of cannibalism, but we never blew any buildings to smithereens. That was too common, too coarse for the sophisticated mask that vampires worked oh so hard to maintain. So naturally, we concluded that the terrorists were either vampires whose rear ends it was our obligation to kick or people trying to frame the vampires in an attempt to cause further chaos among the species. But who would want any more chaos than there already was? Havoc among the species profits no one in those species. So unless there was someone out there crazy enough to think they'd win a civil war, the terrorists were not any of the allied species. That would eliminate not-so-ignorant humans, werewolves, vampires, witches, the newly discovered shape shifters, and just about every sentient species on the planet.

Naturally none of us were too happy about the fact that the most likely of criminals was someone that didn't exist, at least not to our knowledge. As Ariel said, "It's like the Invisible Man just decided to pay us a little visit. Without telling anyone he was coming or that he even existed." The rest of her comment was a lovely string of profanity, so I don't suppose you want to read that. It would rot your brain. Feel lucky.

So our first act was to gather the smartest people of the allied species we could find. This included Jasmine, Ariel, two werewolves (none of which included Katherine. She liked her freedom too much to get involved in politics.), three representatives of different lesser-known covens (The well-known covens wouldn't come near us due to certain accusations.), Alex, and a few people who just showed up without invitations. I'll try not to make them sound too bad, because I happened to be one of them.