Ok I'm starting another story, this ones about Destiny Sanders who just moved to a new town, Destiny is perceived as a prep but only looks that way because of her mother, but then she gets a chance to prove her true self.

Whose eyes am I behind

I don't recognize anything that I see

Whose skin is this design

I don't want this to be the way that you see me

-Ordinary by Train

Destiny's Pov

As 17 year old Destiny looked in the mirror she couldn't help but feel disgusted. Her long shiny blond hair, hanged perfectly past her shoulders and her deep green eyes, held a fake sparkle. As she looked at her outfit which consisted of a short pink skirt, and a of the shoulder tight white shirt, with a pair of low heeled stilettos. ' Great I get to start over in a new town and a new school and I'm looking like a Britney spears wannabe' she thought. She slowly made her way to her 2005 black mustang, as she slowly got in she kept contemplating on whether or not to fake sick, but as much as she wanted to she knew she couldn't disappoint her mother like that. O god forbid she upset Diana Sanders, her mother was 38 years old but still acted as though she was Destiny's age. She looked like a mini Britney because of her mother. By the time Destiny was done ranting to her self she realized she was in the schools parking lot, Star Point High School god even the name annoyed her, and pretty soon she would be accepted by the Prada wearing Gucci walking blonde bimbos and the brain less Jocks. It was the same for every school, and just because she looked like one of them doesn't mean she was, no body else ever took the time to ask her what kind of music she liked or what type of movies she watched or the fact that she had a weird obsession with fixing cars or collecting hats. Nope no one every asked her and no one likely would.

Adam's Pov

" man last night sucked big time, I don't even remember how I got home" laughed Adams closest friend Danny.

" hah I remember you doing something with Clair" he replied

" gah Clair? Seriously I need to stop smoking that crap"

" heh you say that every Monday Dan for the past two years, and it just keeps getting funnier every time"

" yah you laugh now but one night your going to be doing the same thing and ill be the one…whoa"

"what? Remember what you did with Clair?"

" no man, look at that chick"

Adam turned around to see what his friend had been drooling over, and he saw the girl, she was about 5'4 with long obviously fake long blond hair coming out of those new mustangs, the girl didn't look to happy to be there.

" awe man another prep"

" Adam man she's a hot prep"

" Danny you need to get over the fact that your never going to end up with one of them, remember who what we are"

Adam proceeded to do point to his surroundings were quote " stupid punks who have nothing better to do then skate and listen to the devil music" un quote Adam had quoted Lauren Hunters, the preppiest of them all.

" yeah but she's still hot"

" she's blond"

" She's also not deaf"

Adam and Danny froze when they heard a female voice speak behind them.

Alright tell me what ya think please!

( My first reviewer will be casted as the best friend of Destiny)