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" You know boys when you want to talk about someone, you better make sure they aren't within hearing distance."

" Well you see babe I would apologize, however you are a prep and I just don't want to." Danny was holding back a laugh, as he watched Adam arguing with the girl.

" And on that note, I'm Danny and this idiot over here is Adam. Welcome to star point high" Destiny just scanned him over.

"You see Dan, right now she's thinking she's better than you and all the ways she can point that out"

" Actually I was just thinking how much The White Stripes suck, and how anyone could remotely like them." Referring to Danny's shirt, and with that she walked off, letting the two boys pondering over what they just heard.

Destiny's POV.

' God I hate boys, hell I hate girls right now too. Why can't anyone just try and get to know me instead of just assuming on what they saw.' People were whispering about the gorgeous new girl that was there. " This town is way way to small" Destiny muttered while she was trying to find the office to get her schedule. " Yeah, and I've been living here for the past 18 years" said a really sexy voice behind her. As she turned around she saw that it was Danny from before. " Does everyone treat the new person this way? Or am I just special?"

" Well considering you're the first new person we've had in the past 3 years, yeah I'd say your pretty special" he said with a typical boy smirk.

" Awe that makes me feel all warm inside" she said with a tone.

" Where's the office?"

" Go down this hall and make a left it's the second door on your right."

" Thanks… o hey what's with your friend? Does he treat everyone that doesn't look like him, like complete crap?"

" What do you mean like him?"

" You know he has the typical ' no one gets me, my home life sucks and I only have a one real friend' type attitude"

Danny busted out laughing, he had never seen such a small person, much less a prep be so demonstrative.

" No he just treats everyone he thinks is a prep that way, everyone else he has no problems with."

" oh well just to let you know I'm really not a prep, this is all my mothers doing"

" if you say so."

" ok fine you don't believe me, but trust me ill prove you wrong."

With that she turned around and made her way down the hall. The rest of the day past the same as every other school day, people whispered, jocks felt her up as they past her. She was invited to join the cheerleading and dance team, as well as the dance committee and every other god forsaking school team spirit thing that, that town could come up with. When she got home, she noticed her mom's BMW was in the drive way which was weird considering the fact that her mom was never home when she got home from school.

" Mom, what are you doing home? Is everything ok, is someone hurt? Is it dad?"

" Whoa, calm down doll, everything's fine. My boss told me today that I'm needed in Atlanta for this project, it would take 9 months to complete, and since we just moved here I didn't want to move you again."

" so you turned down the offer?"

" Well no, I'm still going but your staying here"

" By myself?" All the possible things she could do with her freedom were running in her head.

" Heh no don't be silly, what kind of mother would I be to allow my 17 year old daughter stay here by herself for nine months?"

" A very good one?"

" No, so I called your Aunt Lauren and shes agreed to come here and watch you."

"Aunt Lauren?" This was way to good to be true, her aunt lauren was like a teenager even though she was 29 years old, there would be some parties for sure now

" Yes and she wont be able to come out till next week, Im leaving tonight though so you will be by yourself for a week and I trust you completely, now theres extra money, but you have a credit card, o and did you try out for cheerleading?"

" umm yeah and I made it!" a small fib wasn't going to kill her especially if her mom wasn't going to be there.

" O great I knew you would, ok well darling im off ill miss you ill visit during thanksgiving and Christmas, take care doll." She stood up and kissed her on both cheeks.

Later that night.

Destiny stood in front of her mirror and looked over her new do, as soon her mother left, she went to Hot topic and got some hair color and clothes, even though she had a huge stash of it in her closet. Her hair now hung around her shoulders and had a red tips she also washed out that hideous blond color and so now it was her natural light brown color. She also went out and got her tongue pierced along with a couple more holes in her ears. Overall she looked the part she felt. Putting on her The Letters Organized CD And turning it to track 11 Song of Hope she laid on her bed thinking about Adams expression tomorrow when she goes to school. Yup this year was going to be her best so far.

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