Best read by me whispering but reminiscing in the future of how I will read this to highschool students who will gasp and be moved by this which tells why dreamers often lie.

I hate people

Full of sound and fury

Made of guilt lack of passion

Always in a hurry

For what I ask they turn their back and walk away

You cannot paint a lack of passion

Or write a poem of annoyance

One can paint pain or sorrow or joy if they try hard enough

Cynicism doesn't work that way

No matter how delightful always spiteful

Forever running away

Queen Mab lives I tell you all in the heart of every man

She tells us to be quiet and kill the forgotten lamb

I never knew a women who walked beside the sea or told stories to a grandchild

Or wished tat it could be

Never telling you anything they mutter and they jest

And are content to frollick and play while people gaze upon their chest.

They'll never tell you which one they are the former or the later

Choose well my friend and you will see the glory of the nature

Slow impending suffocation comes across your soul

You hang there doing nothing just waiting for a king

You can paint waiting but not of that kind of longing which

Fills people with the need for life

Who lives here are they near will they come back soon

They live tomorrow ever sorrow

In the vast forgotten blue