Hihi! A new story that was written by the wonderful afk and not so wonderful but persistant me-she is the author of The Other Side, Crying Black Tears, It Just Happened and many more-if you haven't checked her out you should! Anyway, this is the first time I've cowritten anything and it's been great fun so far! So, here is a lighthearted little fantasy yaoi story and we hope you enjoy it! Sandy

Beautiful Mistake

Chapter 1

Killi strolled through the market, scanning the merchandise with bright eyes. There was a wide variety today; he almost wished he were shopping for himself. But then, his cousin deserved a treat and he wasn't the type to buy one for himself.

He paused outside one of the larger cages, warding off the merchant with an indolent wave while he thought. He was looking for something exotic, something pretty, something guaranteed to raise his cousins spirits.

He had never seen Zahir so brooding before, not that he could usually be described as a ray of sunshine but last night his company had been downright depressing. He had picked at his excellent dinner, drank too much wine and been inattentive to the conversation. Killi wasn't used to repeating a punch line three times and when even the repetition failed to raise more than a wan smile he knew something was seriously amiss.

And he knew it wasn't his delivery so the fault must lie in Zahir.

He'd mentioned it to Toki, when the afterglow had waned a bit and the catboy had given the matter a little thought.

"I think he's lonely."

Killi ran one languid hand over Toki's lean torso, following the light tiger patterns on his skin.

"With such engaging partners as you around? Hard to believe."

Toki shivered under the touch and took a minute to form a reply.

"You know I'm not his type, he goes for something a little more submissive I think."

"You don't mean to say you've never.."

A headshake sent dark brown hair sliding over the pillow.

"Oh sure, I think we've all spent a night or two with him, and I've spent more than most. But lately he sleeps alone and that can't be right."

"Well, not everyone is as enthusiastic about the pleasures of the flesh as you, kitten."

He shrugged grinning, "Their loss. Do you really want to spend the rest of the night talking?"

He punctuated this question by stoking light circles along the tender skin of Killi's inner thigh, raising goose bumps and a lot more.

"No, but before you leave in the morning remind me of the subject, will you?"

"Maybe, if you're good."

"Insolent kitten, I'm always good, can you say the same?"

"I can do better, I can show you just how good I am."

The memory brought a grin to his lips, Toki was always well worth the slight sting of the copious scratches and love bites he left behind. But he was right; he wasn't Zahir's type at all. He was too dominant, too wild. Zahir needed someone delicate, someone demure but sensual. Someone who wasn't like the others, slaves with many tasks and only peripherally available for pleasure. He needed someone totally dedicated to his pleasure, that would be the perfect gift. Someone who could drive the darkness from Zahir's eyes.

And could draw those eyes away from the lithe figure of Quao. Killi couldn't fail to notice how his cousin's gaze was constantly drifting to him, lingering on the slim hands when his wine glass was refilled, dilating slightly as he watched the petite slave move gracefully back and forth between table and kitchen.

Not that Quao could have noticed, his eyes were always kept correctly directed downwards; he would never be so bold as to look into his master's face. And his cool demeanor led Killi to believe that if he ever had seen the look in Zahir's eyes he would have been shocked and appalled. Zahir couldn't have picked a worse object for his affections and it was high time he was presented with someone to distract him with some healthy, straightforward lust.

And there, hiding as best he could in the shadows and his own cloud of long blue hair, was the perfect candidate