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Beautiful Mistake

Chapter 3


I followed Killi into the house and right up to his room. He seemed extremely pleased with himself, preening over his new acquisition. And who could blame him? That was one pretty boy, if he couldn't lighten Master's mood than nothing could!

From the feathery midnight blue hair to the pale blue eyes to the smooth creamy skin with just the lightest tint of blue where the light hit it, there was no feature that wasn't delicious.

"Good job, Killi! He's a wonder, just the delicate type that Zahir will love. Has he had any training? Did you buy him from a pleasure, house or what?"

Killi shook his head.

"He's new. Never had any training or a master before. And he seems pretty shy and skittish."

"Well, if he's new it's no wonder, poor kid. It's a shock, to suddenly lose your freedom and everything you've known. Did you tell him what you bought him for? Does he know he's to be a pleasure slave?"

Killi looked contrite.

"I never mentioned actually, I just assumed he'd know. You don't think he's that innocent, do you?"

"He might be, depends on how much the trader told him. I hope you planned on giving him some training before you throw him to Zahir."

"Hmm, I guess you're right, but now that I've got him here I don't want to drag him off to a training house. Besides the expense it's always difficult to make sure the trainers stick to what you have in mind. I've heard bad things about some of the houses, I don't want the poor boy brutalized."

"Good, he looks a bit frail for that kind of thing. It's not like Zahir's an ogre or anything, if he just calms down he'll soon realize it's not a bad life. Personally, I'd change places any day. Nothing to do but nap, preen and fuck like a bunny, life could be a lot worse."

Killi laughed and pulled me close.

"You seem to do all three, and you're not even technically a pleasure slave! Don't try to tell me your life is all that harsh."

He kissed me and I started unbuttoning his shirt, pushing it off his shoulders.

"Some days are definitely better than others. The days you visit are the best. When you're not here the napping and preening continue but there isn't enough sex. Why don't you move in and keep me busy?"

He was working my clothes off and trying to get us to the bed at the same time, which wasn't easy, he isn't the most coordinated of people. Elves have a reputation for grace but he is the exception that proves the rule. I managed to catch him three times mid trip but on the fourth I just gave up and lowered him to the floor.

"I can't trespass on Zahir's hospitality forever. And there is never enough sex for you, you'd wear me to a shadow."

"You'd survive. Or you'd die happy, one of the two. Let's forget talking for a while, okay? There are so many more interesting uses for your mouth. And mine."

After we'd attended to the immediate need and lay panting on the rug he spoke again.

"Hey, why don't you train him?"


"Who better? You know what Zahir likes and you wouldn't mind the work."

"Hell no, if you can get an okay from Zahir it's fine by me! I'll get to work as soon as possible!"

"Hey, slow down a bit there, let him get a bit used to the place first. And remember, you're just training, not taking!"

"What do you mean? How am I supposed to train him without taking him? Draw him a damn diagram?"

"Toki, listen to me, I know I'm not often serious but about this I am. You can do a lot with him to show him how and what to do, introduce him to pleasure and how to give and receive it but you're not to take him. That pleasure should be reserved for his master."

"Damn, you sure know how to take all the fun out of things."

"Come on, you can have all kinds of fun with him, just not that one kind. I'll go into town and pick up some 'training aids' for you and you can start tomorrow, how's that? I know Zahir won't mind, and it might keep you out of trouble for a while besides."

" Training aids? First time I've heard them called that. Can I keep them when I'm done? Can I come with you and help pick them out? I bet I could find some stuff Zahir would really like!"

"I'll ask him, now I should find Saku and introduce him to Zahir. And dinner should be about ready too."

"Dinner? Oh damn, I better go, the cook will be having conniptions, I'm supposed to be helping in the kitchen today."

"Tell her it's my fault. And if you feel like dropping by my room later tonight I wouldn't mind. After you get Saku settled for the night, best he get used to you as soon as possible. Maybe you could room together?"

"Fine by me. See you later! "