Useless Direction

Where to turn, and what to say
your directions wrong, but I obey

See no future, only pain

In this life, deceit will gain

Many failures, loss of hope

Tired legs, left to mope

Weary I grow, yet trudge through dawn

Must remember, the past is gone

Every hill, getting steeper

Every stumble, leaves me deeper

The hardest path, full of gaps

Faulty directions, with a useless map

The world darkens, now I'm lost

My families life, was the cost

Faith is gone, desperation starts

Mind clears, darkness parts

Suddenly its clear, why this must not end

Nothings left, not one lone friend

On I go, all alone

Reaching the top, the sun has shown

Have I made it through, on my own

Standing tall, success fails

I made it through, my strength prevailed

But through my desperation, I failed to see

With my mind set on winning, no one else was behind me

Here I stand, in all my glory

But no ones left, to tell the story

wrote this after reading "Childe Roland To The Dark Tower Came" by Robert Browning