Author's note: This is to my goodfriend Nada. I know there is no happy ending, but I know there's one for you. You have Antonio, and he loves you. He will do everything for , I'm so sorry your father is so cruel. I wish I could do something, but the school doesn't seem to care. You have no idea what I would do, if I was to face your father…

You push me

You use me

You falter me

You dirty me

You break me

You equal destruction

You equal pain

You equal hatred

You equal screams

You equal slaps

Why do I run away?

And then come back again

Why do I shove you away?

And then run into your arms

How can I enjoy your comfort?

If the reassurance is a flying hand

Or a thrusting foot

Why do you growl?

When I say I love you

Why do you hiss?

When my mother stands up for me

Is there a reason you're so cruel?

If I show you this poem

You will only crumble it up

And laugh

As you toss it in the trash...