Chapter One: The Beginning

I guess it all started in eight grade, the first day of school was when I first saw him. I had spent all summer getting over my ex boyfriend who moved away to another country .I saw Tony and I said to myself that's going to be my next crush,I was kidding to myself at the time, but, later I found out we had two classes when I started to notice him more and my crush began. I wanted to tell him how I felt ,but I couldn't get up the nerve. So the year passed while I liked him in secret.

Then 9th grade came and Tony and I where in the same dance class. To my luck we were assigned as partners for the year and I got to know Tony better and he me. There was a school dance coming up, so I decided to ask Tony, since it was one of those girl asking the guy out dances. I was scared at first ,but ,I said to myself you know him you see him every day you dance together , go for it. so I left him a note saying we should rehearse one of our dances after school and he agreed. when we met up he asked if I just wanted to chill for a moment or just jump into the dance.

"Actually,This is going to sound stupid but, I wanted to ask you something" I said

"What do you want to ask me?" Tony asked looking at me with those gorgeous hazel eyes of his.

"Well ..umm are you going to Sadie Hawkins? " I asked hoping he didn't notice my nervousness as I spoke.

" Yeah, maybe with Melissa. " He said taking me off guard

"Oh I was wondering if you …uh…. wanted to share me and my date's limo" I said lying, that wasn't what i had wanted to say at all.

" Oh, sure... " Tony said surprised.

we danced a little, going over our Jazz routine for about thirty minutes , when he looked at the time .

"I got to go I'll see you tomorrow in jazz" He said packing up his shoes in his duffel bag.

"Ok, bye" I said wishing we could have practiced longer.

I couldn't believe it, I should have asked him to the dance earlier ,but it was too late, he was going with Melissa, my worst enemy. It looked like I would have to find someone else but who. I couldn't show up at the dance with no date and I sure as hell couldn't explain to Tony ,why I would have to cancel the whole sharing limo thing. When I got home I sat on my bed thinking. I sat there for about 30 minutes just soaking in my thoughts when my cousin came in seeing me staring at the ceiling .

" Kascie"

My cousin said when she entered the room. I of course didn't hear, since I was stuck in my thoughts, mainly focused on Tony and the dilemma I had . She continued to call my name and the fifth time I heard her .


"Huh what sorry, oh Maritza did you say something"

" Cuz, you ok, what's up"Maritza asked concern in her voice.

I sighed then told her what had happened. I could tell my cousin anything she's like a sister to me,in fact I get along better with her than my actual blood siblings. You see I live with my aunt, uncle and two cousins , Maritza and Colin. My parents and siblings are in Europe,my dad got transferred there a year ago .I couldn't leave California it was where everything I ever knew and loved was. I think part of it was I couldn't leave my school it was a prestigious art school. Dance, acting, my violin and my writing were a major part of my life and my school has one of the best training for the specifics that I want to do.

So my parents let me stay as long as I went to Europe for any breaks I might get during the school year and promised to keep my grades strong and be respectful to my Aunt and Uncle. But any ways back to me in my room and my conversation with Maritza.

"Hmm… maybe I can hook you up with one of Sam's friends" Maritza said.

Sam is Maritza's obnoxious, annoying, yet handsome boyfriend. Though I would never say the first two out loud,now that I think about it, I wouldn't say the third either. His friends were even worse, he mainly hung out with these three guys Jason, Xander and Brody. Brody is a total pervert,Jason is a major chauvinistic jerk and Xander well I guess Xander is ok ,but the point was that I would never even consider going out with any of them.

"No that's ok ,I'll just tell Tony I suddenly got a cold or something" I said.

"Are you sure, cause I can ask Sam he wont mind? " Maritza said not giving up that easily.

" it's fine it's just some silly dance anyway" I said pretending it didn't matter to me

"Ok well if you change your mind…" Maritza said .

"I know…" I said .

Maritza walked out of the room . she was probably going to talk on the phone with her best friends Lilly and Olivia or Sam. I on the other hand went back to my thinking . I kept thinking till I fell asleep and at least,for a few hours anyway,I'd be free from my over exhorting brain .

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