Chapter 6: Dance preparation and secret plots

The next morning I was unsure if I should confront Tony about the night of my orchestra concert,which had been a Friday. I had thought about it the whole weekend, but I just couldn't think of anything. He had me so confused, I was getting headaches just thinking about the whole situation.I knew I would have to face him soon in dance, but I didn't want to. Finally I called Molina and asked her what I should do about the whole situation. Which wasn't the least of my problems ,Sadie Hawkins was in a few days and I didn't have an outfit or anything.I decided to handle one problem at a time and called Molina for advice.

" So what should I do? Should I just go up to him? what if im wrong, I would be so embarrassed. " I said in one breath.

" Whoa ,slow down Kace ,your obviously out of it ,I don't think you should talk to him. " She said.

" You don't ?" I said wondering what she would have me do instead.

"Just pretend it never happened, if he comes right out and professes his undying love for you ,you'll know he's totally into you."Molina said in a love sick tone that made me laugh.

She could be so silly sometimes. After we both stopped laughing she continued to talk.

" But if he doesn't mention a thing, then just forget about him. Go to the dance with Jason, have a good time ,maybe something will happen with you two, you never know. " She said.

I thought about what she suggested for a moment and then spoke.

" I guess your right I mean why am I stressing over Tony, I should be concentrating on other things, I will have fun at the dance and I will forget about Tony." I said confidently.

" But before I can have fun at dance ,I have to get an outfit, and get my hair done. Oh crap and I only have three days for that! " I said starting to freak out .

" Actually, its two ,they moved the date cause there's some teachers meeting and there wouldn't be any chaperons. "Molina said .

" You've got to be kidding me. " I said

" I wish I were." Molina said sympathetically.

"I guess I could go shopping today after school with Maritza and you can come too." I said

" I haven't gotten a outfit yet either , sounds good to me. "Molina says

" The theme is the seventies right?" I asked Molina.

" Right. " Molina said

I was about to say more when I heard my aunt yelling for me to come down stairs and eat breakfast.

" I got to go Molina, I'll see you at the bus stop ,bye." I said then hung up the phone.

I went downstairs, ate breakfast and then I walked to my bus stop. As I was walking, I started thinking about every thing that had happened over the past few weeks. If somebody told me I would be confused like this, about boys no less, I would never have believed it. My life was never so complicated. I reached the bus stop Molina was already there. I guess she could tell I was worried because she said .

" Kascie don't trip about it, remember what I told you earlier Just chill out relax everything will be fine. "

I was happy that Molina said that ,it made me feel much better and I decided to take her advice and use it. What I didn't know was that Molina had a plan that she didn't tell me about.
Once we got to school she would secretly have a conversation with one Anthony, Tony,Davis, by his locker .

"Hey Tony." Molina said walking over to him.

"Hi Molina, what's up?" Tony asked.

"Have you talked to kascie yet?" Molina thought about her question and answered.

" I wont see her until dance ,why? " Tony asked .

"Just wondering. " Molina looked at her puzzled.

"What are you up to?" Tony asked suspicious.

"Nothing. " Molina said a little too quickly. He looked at her and asked her again.

" Seriously, what's up ,is something wrong with Kascie, she was acting a little weird the other day."He said with genuine concern in his voice.

" Alright , I'll quite beating around the bush, I know you sent Kascie flowers. and she knows it 's a little confused, and don't deny it because she saw you. " Molina said.

The expression on Tony's face quickly changed as she said those last few words.

" If I did send the flowers, and im not saying I did , hows that any of your business ." Tony said a little aggressively.

That got Molina a little angry but she quickly calmed down and answered Tony's question.

" It's my business ,because my best friend is so confused about a guy she's in love with and ..." Molina started but she was cut off by Tony.

" What did you just say?" Tony asked clearly shocked by Molina's admission.

Molina couldn't believe she let that slip she only wanted to find out what the whole flower thing was, but she had accidentally spilled her friends business.

" I didn't say anything ,and umm I got to go. " She said as she started to walk away.

" Wait Molina, you have to tell me, is Kascie in love with me ? " Tony asked. Molina hesitated and then she spoke.

" Well um, sort of well ,she was until… " She hesitated

" Until what? " He asked.

"Until you told her you were going to the dance with Melissa... so she sort of found someone else. " Molina reluctantly said. Tony's face fell at her words.

" How could I have been so stupid. " He said making Molina look at him confused.

"What are you talking about?" She asked him.

"I thought kascie already had a date, she's so pretty she could get any guy I would have never of thought she would beinterested in me and now its too late." He said with a sigh.

" You idiot! " Molina yelled out .

"If you had feelings for her ,why didn't you tell her! " Molina said shaking her head at the obliviousness of high school boys.

"Well its too late now ,there's nothing I can do! " Tony yelled back. A smile suddenly appeared on Molina face.

" Maybe, there is something you can do. " Molina said as she a plan began to form in her mind.


That day of school was long and boring nothing but tests, lectures and a lot of note taking and homework. I was so happy when my seventh period came and I had dance. I was completely focused and I didn't mess up once during our ballet and Jazz routines.

" Much better today, Kascie. " My dance instructor said as she smiled at me I smiled back and continued doing my routine.

Then came the part of the class where we danced with partners, I thought it would be awkward but it wasn't. The dance went by smoothly and when the final bell rang I felt great, way better than I did earlier. I walked to my bus and was greeted by Jason.

" You excited about Sadie Hawkins." He asked.

" Yea ,its going to be fun." I replied.I got on the bus and sat next to Molina she seemed unusually quiet .

" What are you up to? " I asked suspicious of her behavior.

"Nothing." She said.

I looked at her with an evil glare and she just laughed, which made me laugh. The bus got to my stop and I waved to Jason as me and Molina got off the bus. We walked to my houseand waited for Maritza to come home. When she arrived at the house we rode our bikes to the mall, which was really close to my house. I looked through about four stores before I found my outfit in a store called Tia's fashion Molina found hers there as well.

We bought our outfits and then we went to the food court. I couldn't believe who I saw there, it was Melissa. She glared at me as she walked by our table with her friend Kristy I glared at her back and gave her the finger. Maritza started cracking up when she saw the expression on Melissa's face.

After we ate we started heading towards the front of the mall where my uncle would pick us up with his mini van. As we waited I heard someone call my name I turned and I saw it was Tony, who probably was getting his outfit for the dance as well .

" Hi." I said

" Hey." he responded.

Before we could say anything else to each other my uncle pulled up. I was so happy and relived that I didn't have to make conversation with Tony, for fear that I might say something about the flowers he bought, or worse my feelings for him.

" See you at school." I said as me, Maritza and Molina climbed into the van.

"See ya." Tony said before walking away.

For some reason something seemed different about him maybe I was just imagining it. well one more day to the dance and who knows what could happen.

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