Dying, fighting… we're all lost

Trying to fit in with the world, using it, deliberately turning our faces from You God.

I hunger and thirst for You, but my attention is drawn away by the world once again proving my worthlessness.

I'm so tired of fighting

I hate myself for having to fight to serve You.

I scream in agony but my scream lies silent,

dragged beneath the ironic falseness of reality.

I'm sick.

It pains me to fight every day, and it my pains me to turn my face from You, to walk with the majority of society…

lost, dying.

Truth is pain…

I wonder if I found salvation…then missed it.

You are great and awesome and I have nothing for You.

Meaningless words killing us,

Knifes through hearts

Empty, unfulfilling noise.

Hiding behind walls.

Harsh insecurity putting out the fire.

Crying in ragged anger,

Loneliness abounds when you're gone


God save us!

Come back, Lord we die when you abandon us

Are we all blind?

Have we been seeking so hard that we can no longer see?

Or have we just closed our eyes and convinced ourselves that they're open?


So anxious to talk we can't hear Your directions and fall into the pit

…an endless pit.

Don't want to fall back again Father!


Torn apart…


Let go…



Listening to nothing…

Indescribable claustrophobia.

Jealous, broken, strike me dead.


Missed God.

Seeking territory that keeps no master…

Missed God