"We are here today, as a remembrance of what changed my mind, my life, and the way I view the world." He said standing on top of a chair in the abandoned, broken down library. "5 years ago… I came here. I did what very few of us have ever done before. I read non-censored, non-government produced books." He said smiling. "I listened to music. I began to think that something was wrong with how the world is this day. This is the catalyst for what began a new life for me. A new life, leading to the underground resistance group formerly called 'The Underground.' We changed the name to bring about change. We changed the name to renew our purpose. We changed our name to face the future. We changed our name due to inspiration, music, and rebellion. I have here, a music disc. This music disc is the reason I came to you. This is the reason we are here tonight. This is the reason, we are the Supernova."

He smiled and remembered the first time he came here when he was 15. He had crawled in through the hole. It led him to the underground library, with dust and rocks scattered around. He stayed here for hours, reading. Looking at things. He was then Zak Elta. He was 15.

He is 20. He is Spider, leader of The Supernova. The year is 2212. The World Government has become oppressive and corrupt. The leader has made quasi-socialism changes. Nazism has returned in a more violent and aggressive form than ever before.

He was 15. He put the headphones to his ears, he pushed the button that made the music start. He heard wind, and then it began to talk. "Spinning complacently in the dark, Covered and blinded by a blanket of little lives." He smiled and listened.

He is 20. in 2113 when the People's Representative Group took control of the world government, they began to pass odd laws. The Anti-Gun law, not allowing citizens to have guns. The Freedom and Security act, which allowed anyone to be monitored in any way as they pleased. The Purging of the Filth act in 2155 states, "Those that disagree, are of the wrong color or type, may be killed without penalty." The Freedom Of Thought Act in 2157 "All music or other forms of writing not commission by the People's Representative Group is hereby illegal and one can be penalized with the Arena if found carrying items." The arena was much like the roman coliseum, only you went in unarmed against a well armed police trooper.

He was 15. "False security has lulled the madness of world into a slumber. Wake up!" He tilted his head thoughtfully.

He is 20. People cannot think for themselves. Music and literature are illegal. Oppression is government policy. Removing the problem is government policy. "An eye is upon you, Staring straight down and keenly through."

He was 15. He began to realize after his reading and after his thinking, something was wrong. Something had to be done.

He is 20. "We are about to hear the beginning of what brought us here. What brought us to the final push for victory tomorrow. The final stand." He looked around at his friends, allies. Companions. Everyone who was a part of what he had begun. The voice continued its dialogue. "Seeing all that you are, and all that you can never be. Yes, an eye is upon you, an eye ready to blink."

He was 15 and his lips curved into a smile. "Now face forward, with arms open and mind reeling. Your future has arrived."

He is 20, and his lips curve into a smile

"Are you ready to go?"