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They say high school can change you. And I, Renae Sanson, believe it, but I guess that's what is expected from it. It changes everyone, no matter who you are. That doesn't mean that the change is good or bad, it could be neither, really. It just all depends on how you look at it. And for me, that year, was the best and the worst. Though, the bad things that happened were unforgettable, and I'm kind of glad they happened. Something about that first year of high school… it did more than just change me, it made me find who I really was.

November, freshmen year.

The last two weeks had been absolute hell. For one, my parents had divorced from what they used to call a 'perfect marriage' but I didn't really care about that, it was a good thing. It meant no more bickering between them, and more sleep for me. Except for the fact that I would be living with my dad until I was eighteen along with my older brother, but that was okay, I guess. It wasn't like I had much of a choice after all. I mean, I was only fourteen, going on fifteen, at the time.

The worst event that had happened was that I lost a friend that would supposedly be my 'best friend forever' over something completely stupid and uncalled for. We had been friends since at least the seventh grade, but our friendship was short and outlived in the first year and a half. My other friends left me to stay with my ex-bff so that they wouldn't be dubbed losers by her for hanging out with me. They apologized, but it wasn't really something that could be easily forgiven. I guess you could say all of that was my first real lesson in 'High School Drama 101' and I guess for being a freshmen, it was probably a good thing that I learned it early instead of the last week of my senior year.

There was only one good thing that happened within those two weeks was my birthday. My wonderful fifteenth birthday, if only it could really be called that. No, that wasn't the best thing. The best thing was my surprise that just so happened to be around a corner, and boy, what a surprise it was…

AN: Renae, the main character, is loosely based on me and the kind of things I went through. LOOSELY: meaning that only her personality and some of the things she has gone through are like mine, though, they have been altered. She is also partly based upon a character that I created over a year ago and whose name has been changed. The other girl, Sam (who will be introduced later...), is based upon someone I have known for a little over a year now, and who shall remain anonymous. Though, the way they act is probably completely different.

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